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Ainslie Bullion is one of Australia's leading gold and silver bullion dealers. With our live gold price, daily economic news, historical gold and silver charts, a huge range of gold, silver, platinum and products with instant online purchasing - there is no better place to buy bullion. Build your Wealth with Gold and Silver. *Buying bullion online is cheaper than buying at our office.

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Posted on 23/05/2017 | 428 Views
It was remiss of us yesterday not to update you on the COMEX positioning for both silver and gold (via Saturday’s Commitment of Traders Report) – because it appears very bullish for both.&
Posted on 22/05/2017 | 834 Views
The warnings about the Australian economy came thick and fast last week and the front page of today’s AFR continues with the headline “Interest-only loans could be 'Australia's sub-prime'&
Posted on 19/05/2017 | 1127 Views
Some lament the influence paper (futures) trades in gold and silver have on the ‘natural’ price, and some are thankful for the apparent buying opportunity of physical metal it currently af
Posted on 18/05/2017 | 1103 Views
Love him or loath him, you have to admit Trump is a ‘loose goose’ or, maybe more aptly, a ‘loose cannon’.  Either way, uncertainty and unease follow wherever he goes and w
Posted on 17/05/2017 | 778 Views
Remember the dot-com crash?  The NASDAQ dropped nearly 80% very very quickly.   Right now we have the NASDAQ hitting new all time highs, and don’t think it is just a contained ‘
Posted on 16/05/2017 | 998 Views
The economic wobbles in the Chinese economy are gaining more and more attention and the implications for the Aussie dollar also.  We’ve recently reported on the economic warning signs from
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