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Ainslie Bullion is one of Australia's leading gold and silver bullion dealers. With our live gold price, daily economic news, Ainslie Radio (weekly), historical gold and silver charts, a huge range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium products with instant online purchasing - there is no better place to buy bullion. Build your Wealth with Gold and Silver.
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Posted on 01/09/2015 | 68 Views
Yesterday and in Friday’s Weekly Wrap we discussed the development of China dumping US Treasuries (bonds).  We’ve posted today an article by Greg Canavan which is probably the best ex
Posted on 01/09/2015 | 37 Views
--In Friday’s Daily Reckoning, I mentioned I would discuss China’s dumping of US treasuries in more detail. It’s shaping up to be a very big issue. That’s because you&rsqu
Posted on 31/08/2015 | 537 Views
People are nervous.  They are looking for signs everywhere.  At the end of last week US markets rallied on one Fed member talking down a September rate rise.  Over the weekend another t
Posted on 28/08/2015 | 667 Views
Silver had a decent gain last night taking the Gold Silver Ratio back down to 77:1.  But this week we saw the GSR hit 80.  That is the highest it’s been when it peaked just before shar
Posted on 28/08/2015 | 205 Views
Welcome to Ainslie Radio - the quick audio snippet discussing all things bullion from the week gone. Discover current prices, news and economic positions from around the world. This is Ainslie Radio (
Posted on 27/08/2015 | 648 Views
Wall Street jumped 4% last night, the biggest daily amount in 4 years.  Conversely gold and silver were down 1.8% and 4.8% respectively.  Why?  Well the all important US Durable Goods O
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