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Platinum Bars: Bullion Bars come in 3 main types – cast, minted or extruded.  The choice is ultimately a personal one with each having its  own advantages.  Some people prefer cast as it is the cheapest form and many will argue harder to forge than a minted bar.  Metal purity is the same.  Whilst at a price premium, others prefer the beauty and precision of a minted bar many of which come wrapped in protective coating and with certificates or numbers providing further comfort to some.  Extruded bars are rarer and in essence form a hybrid between cast and minted with the cost premium sitting in between as well.  Bars are considered investment grade if they have a recognised hallmark (brand), weight (in Troy Ounces, gram or kilograms), and purity (eg 9999 or 99.99%).

Platinum Coins: Coins are a popular choice of bullion given their legal tender status (Government backing of the coin and its metal content), often smaller in size (making for easier disposal in the event of large price increases), international recognition (no fuss tradability overseas) and portability.  Another common advantage is mintage limits on many government minted coins meaning a “collectible” premium can often be realised.  Caution should be exercised in buying coins over bars for your Super as they can be classified as a collectible and need special storage.  Refer to the ATO or your advisor for more information. Coins can make for the perfect gift as you can match the year or Lunar Year to the recipient to celebrate an event.

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World's smallest gold bar
Buy now - deliv late December
x20 $AU39.82
x100 $AU38.32
Smallest SMSF Compliant Bar
Buy now - Bris deliv mid Dec
x20 $AU39.97
x100 $AU39.17
x300 $AU38.87
x20 $AU41.52
x100 $AU41.32
x500 $AU41.02
x20 $AU47.72
x500 $AU46.72
Type 1 - the 'OG' of World's Biggest Selling Coin
x20 $AU49.72
x500 $AU48.72
x10 $AU106.02
x25 $AU101.02
x20 $AU189.1
x50 $AU187.6
x50 $AU365.2
x100 $AU362.2
x50 $AU375.2
x100 $AU372.2
x10 $AU440.09
x25 $AU436.09
x50 $AU569.92
x100 $AU559.92
x50 $AU1098.85
x100 $AU1093.85
x50 $AU1103.85
x100 $AU1098.85
x15 $AU1117.85
x50 $AU1135.85
x100 $AU1127.85
x10 $AU1308.07
x50 $AU1304.07
Back by popular demand!
Buy now - delivery late Dec
x10 $AU2253.43
x10 $AU2575.13
x50 $AU2571.13
x10 $AU2580.13
x50 $AU2576.13
x10 $AU2624.13
x50 $AU2614.13
x10 $AU2696.13
Great value
Buy now - Bris deliv mid Dec
x20 $AU3375.92
x50 $AU3365.92
Limited numbers - production halted
Cast or Extruded Buybacks
x4 $AU3433.92
x20 $AU3495.92
x50 $AU3485.92
x10 $AU4136.07
x50 $AU4131.07
Sweet spot in size & price
Buy now - delivery early Dec
x10 $AU5133.26
x50 $AU5125.26
x20 $AU5424.25
x50 $AU5404.25
x10 $AU8252.74
x50 $AU8247.74
Serial numbered & certificate
Limited numbers
x10 $AU12795.65
x20 $AU12780.65
x10 $AU12820.65
x20 $AU12805.65
x5 $AU20583.34
x15 $AU20568.34
x5 $AU25611.3
x15 $AU25586.3
x5 $AU25661.3
x15 $AU25636.3
x5 $AU41130.68
x15 $AU41095.68
x5 $AU82182.36
x10 $AU82132.36
x5 $AU82252.36
x10 $AU82202.36
The most beautiful kilo of gold
See freight note in description

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