5g Minted Gold Bar Perth Mint

5g Minted Gold Bar Perth Mint


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The 5g Perth Mint “Minted” Gold Bars feature a new innovative tamper-proof display card. Each bar is individually serial numbered, blister packed  and signed by the Chief Assayer of the Perth Mint. This process ensures that the Minted Gold Bar in your possession is exactly as it was from leaving the Perth Mint.   

This bar is a part of the Perth Mint Minted range which includes eight denominations: 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 1oz, 50g, 100g and 10oz. Sometimes called “Black Swans”, these iconic minted bars are professionally presented, recognised world wide and come with a serial number and government guarantee. Each bar comes with the Perth Mint’s Logo, purity and weight on the front and the patterned kangaroo motif on the back. With the exception of the 10oz, the tamper-evident packages share the same sizes with the bar taking up more or less space. 

The Perth Mint is Australia’s leading precious metal refiner accredited by the LBMA. Backed by the Western Australian Government, The Perth Mint has produced the official bullion coin program since 1987. The Perth Mint also produces a large range of high quality gold and silver bars. All Perth Mint gold products are LBMA accredited and refined to 99.99% purity (= 24 carat) and all silver products are refined to 99.9% purity. Ainslie Bullion is a Primary Bullion Distributor for Perth Mint.

Bullion Bars come in 3 main types – cast, minted or extruded. The choice is ultimately a personal one with each having its own advantages. Some people prefer cast as it is the cheapest form and many will argue harder to forge than a minted bar. Metal purity is the same. Whilst at a price premium, others prefer the beauty and precision of a minted bar many of which come wrapped in protective coating and with certificates or numbers providing further comfort to some. Extruded bars are rarer and in essence form a hybrid between cast and minted with the cost premium sitting in between as well. Bars are considered investment grade if they have a recognised hallmark (brand), weight (in troy ounces, grams or kilograms), and purity (eg 9999 or 99.99%).

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