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World's smallest gold bar
Buy now - deliv late December
x20 $AU39.83
x100 $AU38.33
Smallest SMSF Compliant Bar
Buy now - Bris deliv mid Dec
x20 $AU39.97
x100 $AU39.17
x300 $AU38.87
x20 $AU41.52
x100 $AU41.32
x500 $AU41.02
x20 $AU47.72
x500 $AU46.72
Type 1 - the 'OG' of World's Biggest Selling Coin
x20 $AU49.72
x500 $AU48.72
x10 $AU106.04
x25 $AU101.04
x20 $AU189.1
x50 $AU187.6
x50 $AU365.19
x100 $AU362.19
x50 $AU375.19
x100 $AU372.19
x10 $AU440.21
x25 $AU436.21
x50 $AU569.91
x100 $AU559.91
x50 $AU1098.82
x100 $AU1093.82
x50 $AU1103.82
x100 $AU1098.82
x15 $AU1117.82
x50 $AU1135.82
x100 $AU1127.82
x10 $AU1308.46
x50 $AU1304.46
Back by popular demand!
Buy now - delivery late Dec
x10 $AU2254.07
x10 $AU2575.92
x50 $AU2571.92
x10 $AU2580.92
x50 $AU2576.92
x10 $AU2624.92
x50 $AU2614.92
x10 $AU2696.92
Great value
Buy now - Bris deliv mid Dec
x20 $AU3375.83
x50 $AU3365.83
Limited numbers - production halted
Cast or Extruded Buybacks
x4 $AU3433.83
x20 $AU3495.83
x50 $AU3485.83
x10 $AU4137.34
x50 $AU4132.34
Sweet spot in size & price
Buy now - delivery early Dec
x10 $AU5134.84
x50 $AU5126.84
x20 $AU5424.1
x50 $AU5404.1
x10 $AU8255.28
x50 $AU8250.28
Serial numbered & certificate
Limited numbers
x10 $AU12799.61
x20 $AU12784.61
x10 $AU12824.61
x20 $AU12809.61
x5 $AU20589.7
x15 $AU20574.7
x5 $AU25619.21
x15 $AU25594.21
x5 $AU25669.21
x15 $AU25644.21
x5 $AU41143.39
x15 $AU41108.39
x5 $AU82207.78
x10 $AU82157.78
x5 $AU82277.78
x10 $AU82227.78
The most beautiful kilo of gold
See freight note in description

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