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Corporate Bonds Send Warning

Posted | 14-Dec-2018 / Views | 684
Yesterday we discussed the effects of QE, now being unwound as QT, part of which was starving the market of yield and forcing it to look elsewhere for income.  One of those channels was corporate bonds.   From 2008 to today the US corporate bond market has more than doubled from $3.2 trillion to over $7 trillion.  Higher yields of... Read More...

The US Fed is Insolvent

Posted | 13-Dec-2018 / Views | 866
Quite the headline yeah?  Right now it is technically true but you aren’t really seeing any headlines to this effect elsewhere despite this being both the world’s largest central bank and the custodian of the world’s reserve currency.  So why is that? First let’s look at the setup.  Regular readers know tha... Read More...

Australia’s “Uncharted Territory”

Posted | 12-Dec-2018 / Views | 752
RBA Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle, this week described the bank as being in “uncharted territory” as it grapples with how to respond to the paradox of falling house prices against solid employment and reasonable economic growth. The latter took a hit last week when the Q3 GDP print demonstrably missed expectations at just 2.8% against... Read More...

BTC, ETH, and XRP Now Available in US Dollars on AI

Posted | 11-Dec-2018 / Views | 530
Here's our latest Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals video. Discussing the release of our new pairs and the success of the previous week! You can find out more - < If you prefer just audio - you can listen here: ... Read More...

ETF’s Flows Positive BUT dwarfed by China

Posted | 10-Dec-2018 / Views | 627
2018 has been notable for the outflows of gold from North American gold ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) offset by increases in Europe and Asia.  That’s not an enormous surprise as the US sharemarket has (until the last month or so) been rising strongly amid the perception the US economy was somehow different to the rest of the world.... Read More...

Canary in the Coal Mine is Dead

Posted | 07-Dec-2018 / Views | 1396
What another fascinating night on Wall St!  At one stage the Dow was down nearly 800 points on some awful manufacturing and housing data, added trade fears with the Huawei saga spooking markets, Russia not agreeing to cut oil production and the Brexit outcome looking decidedly scary.  But right on cue, and probably spurred on by a Euro cl... Read More...

What the Yield Curve Inversion Means

Posted | 06-Dec-2018 / Views | 676
Financial markets commentary is still abuzz with speculation about what the inversion of the US Treasury yield curve means as we covered briefly yesterday. Last night the US public holiday gave Wall St a rest from the big falls the night before but gold and silver continued to rally.   Today we look a bit deeper at the yield curve issue.&nb... Read More...

Wall St Tanks as Silver Shines

Posted | 05-Dec-2018 / Views | 905
It was another nightmare on Wall St last night with the Dow down 800 points (3.1%) and the NASDAQ even worse, down 3.8%.  Conversely gold was up 0.9% and silver 1.3% despite a stronger USD. There were a number of factors including the realisation that the rally on the positive signs of a truce on the US v China trade war was premature as th... Read More...

A shift towards buy signals for most coins

Posted | 04-Dec-2018 / Views | 774
Here's our latest Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals video. Discussing the success of the previous week! You can find out more - < If you prefer just audio - you can listen here: ... Read More...

Early signs of trouble for Aussie Economy

Posted | 03-Dec-2018 / Views | 1092
This time last week we wrote an article talking to Credit Suisse’s warning that Australia has trouble ahead as the infrastructure spending pipeline is not there to prop up the economy. Money Morning ran an article late last week presenting a chart of construction work done in the sectors of engineering (mines, infrastructure, etc), residen... Read More...