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EU & Japan Double Down

Posted | 28-May-2020 / Views | 3021
You can now listen to the article and all our daily news, via YouTube and Anchor The race to inflate took a giant leap forward in the last couple of days with the European Union and Japan announcing massive monetary stimulus programs in the face of the worst recession in memory.  It was less than a week ago that we saw the Ba... Read More...

DeFi – The ‘Bank’ of the Future

Posted | 27-May-2020 / Views | 4899
You can now listen to the article and all our daily news, via YouTube and Anchor The traditional finance market is centralised. Central authorities, like the government and banks, issue the regular currency that drives our economy and used for every trade. Therefore, the power to manage and regulate the flow and supply of such cur... Read More...

Gold & Bitcoin a “beautiful thing” & Demise of USD - Pal

Posted | 26-May-2020 / Views | 8100
You can now listen to the article and all our daily news, via YouTube and Anchor Real Vision’s Raoul Pal every now and then drops a Twitter thread that can capture so much in so little and we feel compelled to share.  As regular readers know Pal, one of the world’s best macro traders, has a firm belief we are part... Read More...

Comparing New Currency, Gold and Silver – Stunning Charts

Posted | 25-May-2020 / Views | 6763
You can now listen to the article and all our daily news, via YouTube  and Anchor We are at an interesting juncture of the economic response to the COVD-19 induced crisis.  We and others have written extensively on the unprecedented scale of digital money expansion of the Fed and US government.  The Fed’s balance sheet has n... Read More...

Where to from here? – Deflation, Inflation, Default

Posted | 22-May-2020 / Views | 9080
You can now listen to the article and all our daily news, via YouTube  and Anchor On Wednesday we wrote of the ways the governments can deal with the surging amounts of debt being accumulated (ironically) ‘saving the economy’ through fiscal stimulus.  We talked of the 3 traditional means of strong growth repayment, inflatio... Read More...

Aussie Banks & the Debt Crisis

Posted | 21-May-2020 / Views | 8097
The following piece titled “Banks go badly with flat yield curve or debt crisis, we face both” by Damien Klassen (Head of Investments at the Macrobusiness Fund) talks to his view on Aussie banks but it is an excellent summary of the challenges faced by the Aussie economy at a time when there is seemingly a growing feeling that we will g... Read More...

Dealing With Debt – Inflation, Default & Gold

Posted | 20-May-2020 / Views | 8816
A large tailwind for gold, silver and bitcoin at the moment is the massive amount of debt being added to the massive amount of debt added since the GFC which was caused by a massive amount of debt.  Spoiler alert, today we are going to talk a bit about debt.  Debt itself is not a bad thing, if it is productive debt.  It’s ho... Read More...

Bitcoin’s Back on The Move

Posted | 19-May-2020 / Views | 3929
Bitcoin's halving, a once-every-four-year event that cuts the reward miners receive for each new coin they create in half, was executed without a hitch last Monday morning. If the trend that followed its first two halvings continues, its price could soar to all-time highs in the next year. Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the founder... Read More...

Silver’s Compelling Investment Case

Posted | 18-May-2020 / Views | 10922
Silver investors woke Saturday morning to a nice surprise.  In USD terms silver jumped 75c or 4.8% and even better in AUD, up $1.31 or 5.5%.  Whilst it looks like that ‘just’ takes silver back to where it was before it plunged in March during the broader Coronavirus liquidity squeeze, it may well portend greater moves ahead. ... Read More...

W shaped recovery & Australia

Posted | 15-May-2020 / Views | 10091
Recovery Alphabet is the financial market’s new favourite game.  Everyone is trying to guess if this will be a V, U, L, W or Y shaped recovery.  We’d guess few of our readers are expecting the quick, back to normal recovery of the V narrative as we have written numerous articles of late laying out why this looks particularl... Read More...