1/2oz Silver Coin 2021 Year of the Ox - Perth Mint

1/2oz Silver Coin 2021 Year of the Ox - Perth Mint

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1/2oz Silver Coin 2021 Year of the Ox - Perth Mint. Coin only.

These magnificent silver coins celebrate the Year of the Ox,  the  second of  twelve  animals  associated  with the ancient Chinese lunar calendar.  

Those born under the sign of the Chinese lunar ox in  2021,  2009,  1997,  1985,  1973 and  every 12th preceding  year,  are  said  to  be  kind,  intelligent,  honest  and  reliable.  Admired  for  their  strong  work  ethic, logical mindset and calm demeanour, they are recognised as great leaders.

Meticulously  struck  from  99.99%  pure  silver, the coins are issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965.

The coin’s reverse portrays a stylised representation of an ox with its calf. In the background a village is depicted among mountains. Also included in the  design  is  a  cherry  blossom  tree,  the  Chinese  character  for  ‘ox’,  the  inscription ‘OX 2021’ and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

The  obverse  of  the  coin  depicts  the  Jody  Clark  effigy  of  Her  Majesty  Queen   Elizabeth   II,   the   weight   and   fineness,   and   the   monetary   denomination. 

Perth Mint coins come encased in a hard clear plastic case to help keep coins in pristine condition. Ainslie Bullion recommends leaving these cases un-tampered for the best preservation of value. The reverse of all coins except the 10 kilo includes a security feature in the form of a micro-engraved letter within the design. It is only detectable under a magnifying glass.

The Perth Mint is Australia’s leading precious metal refiner. Backed by the Western Australian Government, The Perth Mint has produced the official bullion coin program since 1987. The Perth Mint also produces a large range of high quality gold and silver bars. All Perth Mint gold products are refined to 99.99% purity and all silver products are refined to 99.99% purity. Ainslie Bullion is a Primary Bullion Distributor for Perth Mint.

Coins are a popular choice of bullion given their legal tender status (Government backing of the coin and its metal content), often smaller in size (making for easier disposal in the event of large price increases), international recognition (no fuss tradability overseas) and portability. Another common advantage is mintage limits on many government minted coins meaning a “collectible” premium can often be realised. Caution should be exercised in buying coins over bars for your Super as they can be classified as a collectible and need special storage. Refer to the ATO or your advisor for more information. Coins can make for the perfect gift as you can match the year or Lunar Year to the recipient to celebrate an event.

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