Introducing Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals

Posted | 12/09/2018 / Views | 9189
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Today’s markets are tougher than ever to interpret and predict. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can assist with this by recognising patterns in a collection of data and producing models for that data. They are excellent at sorting through enormous amounts of seemingly unrelated information and finding repetitive patterns that could never be perceived just by looking at price charts for comparisons. Through a process known as “deep learning”, AI systems can be trained to make highly accurate predictions based upon these patterns.

The problem for most people attempting to add AI into their trading strategy is that the systems are expensive and difficult to operate, and the AI output is only as good as the selected inputs. Human skill is essential for selecting between the combinations of thousands of potential data streams, indicators and parameters that are necessary to achieve consistently successful results. AI systems do not provide an advantage unless you have the expertise to design and implement them correctly.

The Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals deliver to you the very best mix of our current human and AI capabilities in a convenient format that can be used immediately, with no pre-requisite knowledge of the underlying technology.

The Charts

Even though the AI technical analysis is complicated, our chart representation of the recommendation is very easy to understand. A new buy or sell signal is displayed as a new green or red arrow with the date. The recommendation remains in place until a new buy or sell is generated in the opposite direction.

Introducing Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals

Included Charts

Producing each chart is very time consuming and resource intensive. As a result, a limited number of markets are currently included, selected to best suit the needs of Australian clients. Over time this offering may grow in consultation with our subscriber community.

Current charts include:

  • Gold Price in AUD
  • Silver Price in AUD
  • Gold-to-Silver Ratio (GSR)
  • BTC Price in AUD
  • ETH Price in AUD
  • XRP Price in AUD
  • BCH Price in AUD
  • LTC Price in AUD
  • ETH Price in BTC



Since inception earlier this year, we feel that the performance has been outstanding. We like to let the charts speak for themselves however. Recommendations are accurately recorded on the day they are generated, so their reliability can be directly assessed. There is also the possibility that the signals will continue to improve over time as the AI systems (and their human technicians) continue to learn and refine techniques.  As of yesterday this is how each has performed:

Introducing Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals

How to Access the Trading Signals for Yourself

Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals is a subscription-based service. Subscribers receive the Trading Signals delivered by email notification 7 days a week at approximately 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, containing the predictions and recommendations for the next trading session.

For a limited time we are offering subscriptions for a special introductory rate of $25 AUD per week. We believe this is an unbelievably affordable and attractive opportunity for anyone who is interested in the service. In terms of value for money, we pay more than double that for a single data source (of the very large number we subscribe to) that might only be used every-so-often by the AI in a prediction for a single chart! You simply cannot beat the value we are offering for this service in any other way we are aware of.

To take advantage, simply:

  • subscribe online for immediate access -
  • chat with us on Telegram -
  • email us - [email protected]
  • call us - 1800 159 433 (International +61 7 3221 0500)
  • visit our office - Level 6, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane, Australia

This is just a very brief introduction to the Trading Signals that really doesn’t do justice to the value of the proposition we are offering exclusively to you, as an Ainslie client. For more information we recommend you read our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here for a comprehensive overview of what we have developed, or get in contact if you wish to learn more about it from us directly.

We are very excited about the opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to assist you in your trading the way it has been assisting us throughout 2018. It keeps improving with every passing day and we can’t wait to share the results with our subscribers!

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