Aggregate market cap of the digital assets increasing by 24%

Posted | 09/04/2019 / Views | 3198
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Hello and welcome to the Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals update.  The AI maintained its sell position for the Aussie Dollar from the end of February which has continued to pay dividends. 
However, with positive developments coming from Australiaís biggest customer, China, the AUD could see strength return on the back of increasingly supportive sentiment. The AI is currently outperforming the market by 9.4% for the Aussie.

Last week was the most successful since the beginning of 2019 for cryptos with the aggregate market cap of the digital assets increasing by 24%.
The AI was able to capitalise on these large movements on the majority of our crypto trading pairs and is evaluating strategies to lock in gains, or enter new positions on pairs that missed the surge. Although Bitcoin was the first to move, other cryptocurrencies took up the momentum forming their unique recovery paths. We saw ETHUSD increase by 22%, XRP by 17%, among similar gains from other cryptos. BTC/USD near-term price action is well supported by an ascending trend line. The big psychological target of $5000 USD is likely to act as the new bottom.

Question: How can I get in contact with the AI team?

Our weekly video will be having a break after this week and will return on Tuesday the 28th of May. Even though the video will be missing, the team will still be accessible through the telegram chat. Our team members are always monitoring the chat and are happy to assist. Members are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback to assist in improving our service, developing our product and deciding future trading pairs to be included.
Additionally, you can also call us directly to talk to one of our experienced consultants
That ís us for this week. For more information get in contact via one of the methods on screen. Happy trading.


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