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The World’s Biggest Trade

Posted | 27-Oct-2020 / Views | 378
Last week Raoul Pal of Macro Insider released a deep dive further explaining why he is “irresponsibly long” Bitcoin. Pal, an ex Wall St fund manager and respected voice not only in the Bitcoin space, completed the trade of the decade when he called the bond rally before it started on similar macro grounds.   He has more... Read More...

IMF & WEF Call For Global Reset - “A New Bretton Woods Moment”

Posted | 26-Oct-2020 / Views | 1291
On 15 October the head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, delivered a speech that pricked the ears of those actually listening titled “A New Bretton Woods Moment”.  That this was delivered nearly 50 years after Nixon ended the gold peg of the Bretton Woods agreement has not been lost on some.  As Georgieva opened: &l... Read More...

Australia Joins Money Printing Party with a Bang

Posted | 23-Oct-2020 / Views | 1929
Against all odds our Aussie dollar has held firm for some time now around the 70c mark.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that the majority of economists were calling for a much lower AUD, into the 50’s, but it just hasn’t eventuated.  Why is that?  Because in a global mix of currencies our central bank’s... Read More...

PayPal & CBDC’s – Listen Carefully

Posted | 22-Oct-2020 / Views | 1288
Fiat currency as we know it is under attack.  We wrote to the advent of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) recently here including the opportunities but also some of the threats they present.  Last night we saw the announcement by the world’s biggest payment provider, PayPal that they will now facilitate cryptocu... Read More...

“Gold, The Simple Math” - Hathaway

Posted | 21-Oct-2020 / Views | 1240
John Hathaway needs little introduction to long term gold participants.  He is a highly regarded analyst who until this year penned excellent analysis of gold markets for Tocqueville Asset Management.  He is now with Sprott Asset Management and recently penned “Gold, The Simple Math”.  Below are some key excerpts ... Read More...

Bitcoin: Uncorrelated and Strong

Posted | 20-Oct-2020 / Views | 927
Raoul Pal, the former Goldman Sachs hedge-fund manager who founded Real Vision, and a personal favourite of ours, believes the price of Bitcoin will hit $US1 million in five years.   In an interview with Stansberry Research on October 7, he pinned the predicted price increase to a wave of institutional funds pouring an “e... Read More...

RBA Joins “Let Her Rip” Club

Posted | 19-Oct-2020 / Views | 1261
On Friday we showed you 2 charts that nicely sum up the quite extraordinary extent of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, i.e. newly created currency; compared to zero new gold discoveries, i.e. newly created real money. On the same day we saw media reports hidden away from the front pages behind house fires, cute kittens etc of our ow... Read More...

2 Charts That Can’t Be Ignored

Posted | 16-Oct-2020 / Views | 2634
Today we simply share 2 charts that tell the very simple and compelling story that is the gold investment case.  Cut through all the noise and economic rationalisations amid this pandemic and Blind Freddy should be able to do the math on this. Stimulus is ultimately either monetary policy of a central bank or fiscal deficit spending... Read More...

Precious Metal & Bitcoin Bulls Just Beginning

Posted | 15-Oct-2020 / Views | 1045
  Part of the dilemma for many investors right now is ‘where is safe to put my money’.  We are in a rare period of extreme uncertainty where even traditionally safe havens such as Aussie property are looking decidedly shakey and indeed already posting negative returns.  In the past going to cash was a common respon... Read More...

Solar Demand for Silver Surges

Posted | 14-Oct-2020 / Views | 982
Earlier this week we shared that excellent infographic part of which showed that silver use in photovoltaics accounts for around 10% of total silver demand.  Demand and indeed investment in the PV sector is getting stronger on the back of the likes of the EU green targeted stimulus and the growing prospect of Biden winning the presidency... Read More...

Crypto Institutional FOMO

Posted | 13-Oct-2020 / Views | 589
Bitcoin’s (BTC) uptrend gathered pace on Saturday with prices nearly testing $US 11,500 for the first time in over a month. The biggest cryptocurrency by market cap rose to $US 11,484– the highest it has been since September 3rd. What drove the price higher was likely a wave of optimism generated from the prospects for a U.S. s... Read More...

Visualising Silver Price Against the GSR

Posted | 12-Oct-2020 / Views | 1347
In 1967 silver was on the way out in use in coins as currency and so began, again, its life as a monetary metal as it has done for 5000 years.  Its unique properties have made it the go-to metal for a number of specialised industrial uses meaning its monetary metal use presently only accounts for around 20% of its use.  And thus... Read More...

Another New 2020 Record – Over 1000 tonne into ETFs

Posted | 09-Oct-2020 / Views | 1332
The World Gold Council have just released their latest update for gold inflows to ETF’s for September which are remarkable in the context of the price falls we have seen over that period but also another new record.   Their highlights: “Gold-backed ETFs and similar products recorded their tenth consecutive month of ... Read More...

Possible Markets of Crypto

Posted | 08-Oct-2020 / Views | 689
Cryptocurrencies are geared towards one or more addressable sectors of the finance industry. Investigating these target markets can help us put everything into perspective when it comes to evaluating cryptocurrencies and analysing their price.   Medium of Exchange and Unit of Account   A medium of exchange is an intermediary... Read More...

“Amazing Gold Chart” Predicts $11,250 Gold

Posted | 07-Oct-2020 / Views | 1914
You can watch the direct link here on Youtube.   Legendary gold and silver veteran Mike Maloney has been teaching people about the benefits of owning gold and silver for a very long time.  His educational videos and books have a cult following.  It is however rare to see him as excited about a particular chart as he is in t... Read More...

Australia Doubling Down on Debt

Posted | 06-Oct-2020 / Views | 1271
For years Australia has been ranked 1 or 2 in the world’s most indebted households.  Conversely our government debt has been one of the lowest.  2020 would mark the year that household debt eased and government debt exploded however changes to lending laws and yet more stimulus for new housing (together with a record deficit... Read More...

Bitcoin – The Best Macro Asset of 2020

Posted | 02-Oct-2020 / Views | 1010
  It's no secret that this has been a crazy year for precious metals but as bitcoin heads into the closing months of 2020, the largest cryptocurrency's 2020 investment gains are twice those of the yellow metal.   Bitcoin gained 50% in the nine months through September versus gold’s 25%, during a year when a glob... Read More...

“Monstrous” Numbers Portend Global Unwinding

Posted | 01-Oct-2020 / Views | 1573
Earlier this week we shared Crescat’s research as to why structural changes in debt markets and intervention mean “The Reckoning Is Upon Us”.  Today we feel compelled to share some quantification behind this phenomenon.  Doug Noland has been mapping this credit super-cycle in his weekly Credit Bubble Bulletin.  Wh... Read More...

Deflation to Inflation & Gold

Posted | 30-Sep-2020 / Views | 1225
The building pressure on governments to unleash fiscal spending in the face of not just the deflationary effects of the pandemic but also of technology, demographics and debt is enormous.  Amid all the talk of inflation now, this is missing the seemingly unavoidable deflationary period that precedes, and indeed the reaction to which, cau... Read More...

What CBDC’s Mean To Your Wealth

Posted | 29-Sep-2020 / Views | 1246
A CBDC is a Central Bank Digital Currency. It is a digital form of fiat currency which the government or central bank has established. The Bank of England, for example, has referred to CBDC’s as a “digital banknote” instead of a physical banknote. Currently, there are two types of central bank money as indicated by liabilitie... Read More...

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