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Transitioning to a new monetary system

Posted | 19-Apr-2018 / Views | 563
Cryptos continue to appear to be top of mind for IMF (International Monetary Fund) Chief Christine Lagarde with her last 2 blog posts having been dedicated to cryptocurrencies.  Let’s take a look at the two main benefits highlighted by Lagarde in her blog. Fast and inexpensive financial transactions As anyone who has transacted ... Read More...

Cyber Attack, EMP & Your Wealth

Posted | 18-Apr-2018 / Views | 651
As global geopolitical tensions rise we were served a timely reminder on Monday of the modern weapon of cyber attack.  The US and UK issued a joint alert blaming Russia for a coordinated global cyber attack campaign they say began in 2015 but is poised to launch offensive attacks soon.  From UK press: “Counter-terrorism expert Mi... Read More...

Gold and Global Reserve Currencies

Posted | 17-Apr-2018 / Views | 623
The prospect of a new global reserve currency is often raised, along with questions of whether it would be feasible. It could be, with gold backstopping it just as it backed the US dollar until the gold standard was abandoned by President Nixon in 1971. The question being asked right now is whether the US dollar will remain the world's reserve,... Read More...

Gold & Its Miners Technical Update

Posted | 16-Apr-2018 / Views | 615
Gold is now approaching key near-term resistance and a decision point for enthusiasts and agnostics alike. This 1356 to 1366 USD level has been approached several times in the past six months, but has struggled to break through. The logic of trading a breakout is usually the more times the price has touched the resistance, the more valid the level ... Read More...

It is 1984 for Bitcoin and Blockchain

Posted | 15-Apr-2018 / Views | 782
Do you truly know how each and every gadget or piece of software that you use or interact with on a daily basis works?  Do you really care?  Maybe you do, but for the vast majority of us we just take the increasingly capable and intuitive technology for granted – click here, swipe there, google this and it all just works!  L... Read More...

Crypto’s Bounce on Good News

Posted | 13-Apr-2018 / Views | 821
Last night crypto currencies spiked the most since 2017.  At the time of writing BTC was up 12%, ETH up 13%, XRP up 21%, BCH up 9% and LTC up 9%.  The reason isn’t clear though speculation is that it was a combination of news breaking that Bitcoin has been declared Sharia Law compliant (adding 1.8 billion potential investors to the ... Read More...

Silver Momentum Set for Breakout

Posted | 12-Apr-2018 / Views | 938
Last night, on the back of escalating sabre rattling over Syria, gold spiked to $1364 and silver to $16.86 before hawkish Fed minutes saw a partial retraction.  The market is clearly nervous and these nerves come at a time, particularly in silver, coinciding with structural price pressures. Momentum Structural Analysis (MSA) looks at the ma... Read More...

Global Debt Hits $237trillion. What Next?

Posted | 11-Apr-2018 / Views | 960
Yesterday we discussed warnings of faster rising inflation than expected forcing the US Fed to raise rates faster than expected and have previously discussed the spiking Libor rate, especially against OIS.  Part of the danger of quickly rising rates is the unprecedented amount of debt exposed to them. Yesterday we saw the latest update from... Read More...

The Inflation Genie Lurks

Posted | 10-Apr-2018 / Views | 683
There is a view amongst some that the 2.3% year to date fall in the S&P500 and the subsequent fall in PE multiples has somehow alleviated the risk of a market crash occurring.  This is bolstered by the very strong revisions to 1Q18 US earnings growth, ostensibly off the back of the tax cuts and a rising oil price (up over 20% in the last y... Read More...

Q1 Bitcoin Perspective

Posted | 09-Apr-2018 / Views | 731
Since inception, there have not been many times where Bitcoin has seen an extended period of negative growth like we experienced in the first three months of 2018. In fact, this first quarter of 2018 has broken records and registers as the worst first quarter in the history of Bitcoin, and the second-worst quarter ever. As we are now in the seco... Read More...

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