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Ripple Soars on Bank Adoption

Posted | 24-Sep-2018 / Views | 460
Ripple (XRP) saw 150% gains in price last week and even overshot Ethereum as the 2nd highest ranking cryptocurrency by market cap ($23b) for a brief while.  At the time of writing XRP was at $22.4b and Ethereum at $24.7b compared to the undisputed king, Bitcoin at $115.6b. The rally started off as the Head of regulatory relations for Asia-P... Read More...

Platinum – Once in a lifetime opportunity?

Posted | 21-Sep-2018 / Views | 825
Yesterday we gave you the fundamentals behind platinum and today we get into its incredible current pricing setup.  Like gold and silver, the platinum price has a couple of masters.   There are the fundamentals of supply and demand and we showed how tightly strung that was yesterday.  In that dynamic you have the current moribu... Read More...

Platinum – What makes it so special

Posted | 20-Sep-2018 / Views | 673
Platinum is often the ‘overlooked’ precious metal.  Today and tomorrow we are dedicating our time to help you understand this unique precious metal and why right now it is looking like a very undervalued asset. Today we will look at what makes Platinum so special and tomorrow why it currently looks so undervalued. So let&rsqu... Read More...

Australia’s Own Subprime Crisis

Posted | 19-Sep-2018 / Views | 1457
Sunday’s 60 Minutes segment titled Bricks and Slaughter certainly has reignited the great property crash debate.  For regular readers there wasn’t actually much new but it certainly brought some facts to the mainstream that have people asking serious questions.  Here are the key takeaways: - Australian banks have a $1.7 tri... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence. The weekly digest.

Posted | 18-Sep-2018 / Views | 440
Ainslie. Outperform the market, with Ainslie Intelligence. Subscribe to our AI trading signal software. Visit   ... Read More...

What will cause the next Financial Crisis?

Posted | 17-Sep-2018 / Views | 1123
** PLEASE NOTE – Our building is closed today for a fire drill between 11.30 and 1pm. ** As the weekend saw numerous post mortems marking the 10 year anniversary of the Lehmans crash and the moment the GFC started to fully play out, we came across an opinion piece on by Howard Gold.  Whilst acknowledging no one individ... Read More...

When the “99%” Are Left Behind

Posted | 14-Sep-2018 / Views | 1431
Earlier this week we discussed the head of the world’s biggest hedge fund, Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio talking to the cycles and patterns of financial markets as we mark the 10th year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Dalio has been quite vocal this last week as he releases his free book Big Debt Crises.  For a Wall... Read More...

“Tightening” the Noose – SP500 hits new record

Posted | 13-Sep-2018 / Views | 800
The S&P500, fresh off breaking all time highs and longest bull market in history records, just broke another.  According to Crescent Capital it is now the strongest rally during a Fed tightening period.  We have written numerous times about how all major crashes were preceded by the Fed tightening its policy, and normally too late. &n... Read More...

Introducing Ainslie Intelligence Trading Signals

Posted | 12-Sep-2018 / Views | 1407
Today’s markets are tougher than ever to interpret and predict. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can assist with this by recognising patterns in a collection of data and producing models for that data. They are excellent at sorting through enormous amounts of seemingly unrelated information and finding repetitive patterns that could never... Read More...

Exciting New Service Released in 24 Hours – Welcome to the Future of Trading!

Posted | 11-Sep-2018 / Views | 963
Whether you are a bullion or crypto short-term trader or longer-term investor, we are sure that you agree with the sentiment that trading and investing are challenging at the best of times, and almost impossible to master during times of market uncertainty. There is a lot to learn and a lot involved in making your hard-earned money work hard for yo... Read More...

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Daily or weekly news on everything gold, silver and crypto.

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