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Gold & Silver v Bitcoin & Ethereum

Posted | 07-Aug-2020 / Views | 938
The nexus between gold & Bitcoin and silver & Ethereum has often been discussed.  Tribalists will argue never the 2 or even 4 be discussed in the same breath but the parallels are there and the price performance this year mirrors this too.  Gold and Bitcoin are going strong, but silver and Ethereum are going even stronger gi... Read More...

Gold Doesn’t Yield & Doesn’t Need To

Posted | 06-Aug-2020 / Views | 1250
For the big money US Treasuries have always represented their main go-to risk free trade, the safe place to put their money.  Whilst essentially buying debt, the fact that it is backed by the US has meant it is still perceived to be risk free.  Over the last few years it has been one of the best trades for macro investors. However ev... Read More...

Investors Flocking To BTC As Inflation Hedge

Posted | 05-Aug-2020 / Views | 907
Bitcoin's price surge has triggered a retail trading boom with exchanges around the world reporting record-high bitcoin trading volume and one cryptocurrency hedge fund chief executive saying fear of missing out, sometimes known as FOMO, is drawing "people who are late to the party." "In cryptocurrency, we often see '... Read More...

Australia’s Zombie Problem

Posted | 04-Aug-2020 / Views | 1554
Whilst all eyes are on Melbourne as the epicentre of economic hardship on the back of the new lockdown on this second wave, Queensland is most certainly not out of the woods despite the perception of life as normal again.  Yesterday the Courier Mail revealed the results of a business survey that found 1 in 5 Queensland businesses were runnin... Read More...

USD Fall & “The Structural Shift”

Posted | 03-Aug-2020 / Views | 1441
The USD had a positive close on Friday night after the DXY hitting 92.5.  From its peak of 103 on 19 March (when gold and silver got smacked) the mighty US dollar has been on a steady decline whilst gold and more recently silver have rallied.  At 93.5 now, it is also down 3.6% for the year. The reason, yet again, is all aroun... Read More...

Property Crash Predicted

Posted | 31-Jul-2020 / Views | 3167
You can sense the growing realisation in Australia that a V shaped recovery is simply not on the cards as many people started to believe when ‘everything was awesome’ again after that initial lockdown.  Our packed waiting room every day is a good anecdotal indicator.  The second wave is upon us with Victoria getting worse ... Read More...

Silver “The Cheapest Metal on Earth”

Posted | 30-Jul-2020 / Views | 2513
Sometimes you just need a quick reminder of one of the key fundamentals rarely spoken about in terms of gold, silver and bitcoin’s potential in an environment such as this.  When a Wall Street heavy weight such as Paul Tudor Jones turned so bullish on precious metals and Bitcoin in May, it spread like wildfire in the press.  We ... Read More...

Goldman Sachs Raise Gold & Silver Forecast for “the currency of last resort”

Posted | 29-Jul-2020 / Views | 2153
Despite gold hitting an all-time high yesterday, the world’s pre-eminent investment bank, Goldman Sachs, has just again upped their price forecast for both gold and silver “the currency of last resort”, stating "with more downside expected in US real interest rates we are once again reiterating our long gold recommendatio... Read More...

Bitcoin Breaks Resistance

Posted | 28-Jul-2020 / Views | 930
On-chain data shows Bitcoin's recent surge to $11K is not pressuring traders to sell, meaning BTC could rally higher. On July 26 blockchain data analyst Glassnode uploaded surprising data about Bitcoin’s latest trip to five figures and suggested that the current journey above $10,000 US will be much different than the last few. Bi... Read More...

Record Delivery. Supply-Demand Collision

Posted | 27-Jul-2020 / Views | 1839
Last month COMEX, the largest gold futures exchange in the world, saw an all-time record 5.5m oz or 170 tonne of gold physically delivered when the ‘norm’ is around just 100-500oz.  Silver deposited into depositories, ETFs and funds just hit another new all time weekly record.  Demand is exploding at a time that COVID-19 i... Read More...

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