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Gold, Silver & Stock to Flow

Posted | 21-Jan-2021 / Views | 571
Yesterday’s article raised the financial concept again of Stock to Flow but dealt mainly with how it applies to Bitcoin.  Today we go back and look more fully at stock to flow as it applies to gold and silver courtesy of an article penned by the infamous annual In Gold We Trust report from 2014. “If a good is to remain money, th... Read More...

The Great Financial Divergence

Posted | 20-Jan-2021 / Views | 819
We are currently witnessing a financial fundamentals divergence of an order never before seen.   In one corner we now have ex Fed Chair and ‘uber dove’ Janet Yellen in charge of the fiscal side of things in the US and ‘dove-successor’ Jerome Powell the current Chair of the Fed in charge of the central bank money prin... Read More...

Buying The Dip?

Posted | 19-Jan-2021 / Views | 607
Buying The Dip Recently Bitcoin experienced a much-expected pull back. Bitcoin, over its short history, has established a trademark “dip” of 20-30% during bull markets. This price usually precedes further extraordinary gains… will it happen again? Last week, over a 2-day period bitcoin, dipped 28% from its highs of almost $... Read More...

Silver Use in Vehicles Set to Surge

Posted | 18-Jan-2021 / Views | 884
The Silver Institute recently released a report on the burgeoning use of silver in vehicles and particularly electric vehicles (EV’s).  From the report: “While highly variable across different vehicle types and markets, our research suggests a range of 0.5 to 0.9 ounces (15-28 grams) is consumed in one internal combustion engine... Read More...

Biden’s $2T & “the most important event of your investing lives”

Posted | 15-Jan-2021 / Views | 1932
Markets are aflutter with the reports yesterday on CNN of a $2 trillion stimulus package to be announced tonight (US time, this morning ours) by Biden and now the New York Times ‘confirming’ it will be $1.9 trillion and include a $1400 ‘helicopter money’ cheque for individuals to top up December’s $600 cheque to the de... Read More...

The Better Alternative to Gold ETF’s – The new Gold Standard

Posted | 14-Jan-2021 / Views | 800
The World Gold Council have released their latest update on global gold ETF holdings confirming 2020 saw record inflows and all time high holdings.  As expected though, Q4 of the year did see a reversal with the gold price coming off its all time high and the hope based ‘risk on’ trade we have seen for the past few months.  Fr... Read More...

The Great Rotation – Silver to Boom

Posted | 13-Jan-2021 / Views | 1429
One of the more successful fund managers around is thumping the table about silver right now.  Regular readers will know we respect the work of Crescat Capital. Why?  Because they look objectively at the market and don’t get caught up in the passive crowd.  Their performance also speaks for itself as you can see below, blowing ... Read More...

Bitcoin – Did We Just See THE Dip?

Posted | 12-Jan-2021 / Views | 922
What a ride the cryptomarkets have been over the break!  When we closed the doors on 23 December Bitcoin was trading at around AUD31,000 having already posted a 205% increase for the year per our end of year wrap.  Ethereum was just over AUD800 after 357% gains for the year. From there BTC rose another 72% to AUD53,500 over last weeken... Read More...

The Reflate Debate

Posted | 11-Jan-2021 / Views | 1040
The hot word in financial markets as we start the new year is Reflation.  Investopedia defines it as “Reflation is a fiscal or monetary policy designed to expand output, stimulate spending, and curb the effects of deflation, which usually occurs after a period of economic uncertainty or a recession. The term may also be used to describe ... Read More...

Brisbane Lockdown Impacts

Posted | 08-Jan-2021 / Views | 642
Due to the announcement of Brisbane in lockdown from 6pm 8 January until 6pm Monday 11 January the following will apply: The Brisbane store will be open until 4pm Friday 8 January Both webshops (Ainslie Bullion & Ainslie Wealth for crypto) will remain open throughout any lockdown at the usual hours of 6am until 10pm 7 days a week and or... Read More...

2020 Wrap and 2021 Forecast

Posted | 23-Dec-2020 / Views | 2066
Let us join the chorus of “what a year!”.  However, in a year of personal hardship, there has been some great gains for investors in precious metals and crytpocurrencies and the response by governments and central banks around the world has set us up for a very bullish outlook for both. So lets look at how everything performed o... Read More...

Bitcoin’s Santa Rally

Posted | 22-Dec-2020 / Views | 1012
The bitcoin price, even after slightly falling back to US $22,800, is up 206% over the last 12 months as governments ramp up spending in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns, investors look to bitcoin as a hedge against inflation, and institutional interest in bitcoin rises.   The bitcoin and cryptocurrency community has been celebrating th... Read More...

Dr Copper Signals Gold Rally

Posted | 21-Dec-2020 / Views | 1418
There are a number of factors aligning on why now might be a good (re-)entry point for gold.  The 4 month correction since gold reached all time highs in August has, as it did in the big liquidity squeeze in March, found support at the 50 week moving average (WMA), maintaining gold’s bull run since it passed through the 50 WMA at the beg... Read More...

End of the Road – Steins Law

Posted | 18-Dec-2020 / Views | 1981
A ‘must read’ today….  Gold and silver had another solid night last night, up US$21 (1.1%) and US$0.68 (2.7%) respectively.  That this was off USD weakness saw the AUD rising again to over 76c and hence the AUD gains were a slightly lesser $11 and $0.69 respectively.  Last night saw the USD enter an 80 handle for t... Read More...

Inflation – the “BIG theme for 2021”

Posted | 17-Dec-2020 / Views | 1239
As we write this Bitcoin has just smashed through the all-time high, up over 10% and through US$21K as well.  Silver jumped 3.2% overnight, up over $1 and gold firmed as well.  What do all these have in common?  They are hard assets that will thrive in a world of central bank and government currency debasing stimulus and the inevitab... Read More...

What is Worrying Wall Street?

Posted | 16-Dec-2020 / Views | 1335
Deutsche Bank released their latest survey of fund managers with what was their biggest response yet, some 984 respondents.  Despite the ‘everything’s awesome’ euphoria in markets today (another strong night on Wall St last night), COVID-19 stands as the biggest risk to fund managers, the theme taking out the top 3 positions ... Read More...

Even More Billionaires Looking At Bitcoin

Posted | 15-Dec-2020 / Views | 1198
Bitcoin is coming to the end of one of the biggest years in its short history. The bitcoin price has surged through 2020, reclaiming its 2017 all-time highs after finding support from Wall Street and some of the world's biggest investors. With the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community looking forward to a slew of developments in 2021—in... Read More...

Rickards on why Gold is Ready to Rumble

Posted | 14-Dec-2020 / Views | 1664
Jim Rickards’ latest outlook for gold looks at the reasons for the recent correction and also why and where he thinks it will go from here.  We know readers love him, so here is a summary and below that the full article. Jim talks to the 14% fall from that all time high of $2063 in late August to $1769 at the end of November and the f... Read More...

AUD surges as ECB destroys the bond market

Posted | 11-Dec-2020 / Views | 1843
Last night the AUD smashed through the 75c mark for the first time since June 2018.  Waking this morning, with gold down 1.6% and silver down 1.2% you may have thought the spot price had an ordinary night but in USD terms they held firm.  It’s all this rising AUD which has gone from sub 70 to now over 75 just since the beginning of ... Read More...

Debunking ‘Bad is Good’ as an investment strategy

Posted | 10-Dec-2020 / Views | 1043
We have presented warning after warning of the risk of a major correction or crash in sharemarkets at near all time record valuations amid an economic environment that in no way supports that.  ‘Bad is good’ via stimulus fuelled markets is sadly a reality. However the complacency surrounding this set up, as measured so clearly in t... Read More...

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