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Safe Havens Bid Against More Wall St Losses

Posted | 20-May-2022 / Views | 817
More red on Wall Street last night on growing concerns about the US economy and its ability to handle higher rates.  Whilst ending the session lower the S&P500 again miraculously bounced off the -20% bear market line in the sand without crossing it.  However the night was more notable for the surge in both gold and bitcoin against... Read More...

Sri Lanka Crisis & Spiralling Inflation

Posted | 19-May-2022 / Views | 1060
Sri Lanka is now running out of petrol. Citizens are being implored not to line up, and that petrol will be available within the next two days. Sri Lankan news channels are warning that power cuts may rise to 15 hours per day, and there are numerous reports of Sri Lankans struggling to find other essentials such as milk and medical supplies. Pr... Read More...

5 Long Term Cycles – Are we at ‘the top’?

Posted | 18-May-2022 / Views | 879
At a time of monumental change in our global economic and geopolitical setup, financial commentator and author Charles Hugh Smith yesterday looked back at his calls on what he sees as the 5 ‘long-wave cycles’ that he first posited in 2007.  Its worth sharing in full as it maps a similar mental journey many of us have been on since ... Read More...

Historic Week in Crypto.

Posted | 17-May-2022 / Views | 867
The cryptocurrency markets experienced a week of historic volatility and chaos, with the exchange rate for two stablecoins, UST and USDT taking centre stage. Over just a few days, two top 10 digital assets by market cap (LUNA and UST) erased nearly $40 Billion in investor value. UST lost its $1 peg completely, and LUNA collapsed to a price of $... Read More...

Aussie Property at the Precipice

Posted | 16-May-2022 / Views | 1295
Its hard to pick up a paper or read the news without headlines around plummeting auction clearance rates, stalled house sales, predictions of big house price falls, and then late last week we got the ABS stats showing new home and construction finance commitments literally halved from the ‘HomeBuilder’ stimulus February 2021 peak an... Read More...

Preparing for Impact – PPI Surges

Posted | 13-May-2022 / Views | 1527
Never a dull night on global markets lately… Last night was again a sea of red.  The only green was yet again the US dollar (at near 20 year highs) and big cap crypto (coming off massive falls).  The S&P500 rallied a little late to avoid falling into an official bear market (20% off recent highs) by just 2bps and the NASDAQ... Read More...

US CPI Shock, Shares Tank, Gold Rises – Recession Dead Ahead

Posted | 12-May-2022 / Views | 1312
Last night saw more volatility on markets as the much anticipated US CPI figures were released and were hotter than expected.  While the annual consumer price reading slowed to 8.3% from 8.5%, both headline and core CPI rose 0.3% and 0.6% respectively in April, both higher than consensus expectations and still some of the highest on record. In... Read More...

7 Super Bullish Charts for Gold and Silver

Posted | 11-May-2022 / Views | 1310
Less words more charts today as we hit some very interesting junctures in precious metals markets.   First the chart with an almost 100% track record of success is the Commitment of Traders report on COMEX showing the positions of the big traders.  Every time non commercials (dominated by the speculative managed money) are this lea... Read More...

Crypto Market Reacts to FED

Posted | 10-May-2022 / Views | 735
Markets experienced high volatility and further downside this week, as the market responded to the Federal Reserve's decision to hike rates by 0.5%. Markets initially responded well to the news on Wednesday, with Bitcoin rallying to the weekly high of US$39,881. However, the positive momentum was short-lived, with markets selling off heavily on... Read More...

Gold & Monetary Revaluation

Posted | 09-May-2022 / Views | 1325
A lot has been written and speculated of late about the Russia’s moves to back the rouble with gold (as we discussed here) and the weaponization of the US dollar and reckless printing of it starting some kind of reset of global fiat currencies. None of this is without historical precedence of course. We recently shared key takeaways from Cres... Read More...

Wall St Whipsaws - What Next?

Posted | 06-May-2022 / Views | 1629
Last night continued the biggest sharemarket whipsaw since peak COVD turmoil in mid 2020.  After the biggest Fed day surge in 44 years on Wednesday night, last night saw the biggest drop since June 2020 with the NASDAQ down 6% at its worst and 5% at close. The S&P500 was down over 3.5% as well and to complete the reversal of ‘all thi... Read More...

“One foot on accelerator, one on the brake”

Posted | 05-May-2022 / Views | 1159
Not to be outdone by our own RBA’s bigger than expected 0.25% hike, last night the US Fed hiked rates by 0.5%.  The market reaction, as is often the case nowadays, was somewhat confounding as everything (shares, bonds, gold and crypto) surged apart from the USD which fell substantially.  The reason for the counter-intuitive surge ha... Read More...

RBA raises interest rates for first time in a decade

Posted | 04-May-2022 / Views | 1087
Philip Lowe, Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) announced yesterday that the cash rate target is now 0.35%, with real rates still very negative. This was the first rate rise since November 2010. The time has come to start withdrawing some of the ‘extraordinary monetary support’ that has been injected into the economy si... Read More...

Where Is BTC’s Floor?

Posted | 03-May-2022 / Views | 910
Bitcoin investors are hanging onto the edge of profitability, with short-term price action threatening to put them back into the red. Meanwhile, a constructive confluence of macro indicators is developing into a clearer picture of a potential bear market floor. Markets worldwide continue to recoil in the face of inflationary pressures, tight... Read More...

Negative US GDP & the end of the business cycle

Posted | 29-Apr-2022 / Views | 1384
Last night’s shock news of the US falling into recessionary territory with a negative GDP print was a salient reminder of both the precariousness of the world’s biggest economy and the farce that is a sharemarket RALLYING on the news likely because they think it will force a reversal of the Fed’s tightening! Importantly gold r... Read More...

“profound changes in the global economy” & How to Profit

Posted | 28-Apr-2022 / Views | 1276
Crescat Capital released their latest monthly research letter late last week and as usual it provides clear and concise insight into macro markets at present backed up with ‘runs on the board’ through the outperformance of their funds. Their summary intro sums up the current situation: “We are currently experiencing prof... Read More...

Juerg Kiener: Gold ‘bargain of the century’ at current spot levels

Posted | 27-Apr-2022 / Views | 1592
Speaking on Bloomberg Asia, Founding Partner at Swiss Asia Capital Singapore dropped a number of bombshells in the live interview. In a case of the ‘tail wagging the dog’,  outsized silver futures and options leverage outnumber the physical metal more than 100:1! The futures market was initially conceived as a way for users ... Read More...

BTC’s Developing Long Term Trends

Posted | 26-Apr-2022 / Views | 923
Volatility and trading volume continue to compress across the Bitcoin market, as prices remain bound within the US$38k to $42k consolidation range. Market prices weakened slightly again this week, trading off a high of $42,893, and losing ground at a weekly low of $38,729. The market has now traded within an increasingly tight price range for al... Read More...

Largest Silver Supply Deficit in 20 years in 2021

Posted | 22-Apr-2022 / Views | 2058
The Silver Institute’s 2022 World Silver Survey has just been released and reveals a huge year for silver in 2021 on many levels. We present the key takeaways: – Support from healthy physical investment and a high starting point saw the average silver price rise 22% y/y in 2021, at $25.14. – As mine production recovered from... Read More...

Gold Smashing ATH in Japanese Yen

Posted | 21-Apr-2022 / Views | 1558
The Yen may be one of the first dominoes to fall as the Japanese fiat currency has nose-dived in terms of gold purchasing power, even since the August 2020 highs. Japan is considered by many to be a test case for Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), where central planners decide whether free markets are allowed to liquidate. The 1989 Japanese Bubble h... Read More...