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1000th Rate Cut & $23t printed since GFC But party ends next year

Posted | 25-Oct-2021 / Views | 718
Despite all the warnings and jawboning by the Fed on its tapering, when the Fed chair again ‘confirmed’ (not started) on Friday they would begin tapering ‘soon’ (not started) and end it by June 2022 the market had a little hissy fit that saw shares down and bullion up. How to read that is not straight forward but this cou... Read More...

Chinese & Indian Gold Demand Surge

Posted | 22-Oct-2021 / Views | 1135
The world’s biggest consumers of gold, China and India are both showing early signs of a big rebound in demand. In China, the worlds biggest consumer and producer of gold, falling gold production is exacerbated by steeply rising demand.  Last month saw withdrawals from the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) of 191 tonne, an increase of ... Read More...

Platinum the big winner from “Green hydrogen” economy

Posted | 21-Oct-2021 / Views | 728
The race to decarbonise is leading governments to look at alternative energy sources such as hydrogen. From Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a “green industrial revolution”, to significant subsidies to Chinese fuel cell producers, hydrogen is set to continue to emerge as a major economic sector. Platinum is an irreplaceable c... Read More...

Brigden says Buy Platinum and Silver now!

Posted | 20-Oct-2021 / Views | 1020
Whilst we will most certainly look back in abject wonder at this current economic setup, whether we do so with glee or regret largely depends on how you position yourself to either profit from it or watch your wealth evaporate before your eyes. Last night saw the S&P500 post another night of gains as it heads toward retesting all time hi... Read More...

A Historic Week for Crypto

Posted | 19-Oct-2021 / Views | 727
It has been an exciting week for Bitcoin investors as the SEC approves the first Bitcoin futures backed ETF product. The market continued to rally on the news from a low of $54,370 US to a high of $62,503. At the weekly peak, prices were within $2,214 of the current all-time-high at $64,717. The excitement in the market can be seen across se... Read More...

Silvers Global Supply Chain & Paper Promises

Posted | 18-Oct-2021 / Views | 1138
Silver investors are often unaware of where it comes from and where it goes.  Today we share a great info graphic from Visual Capitalist on where it comes from but first for some context before you read those numbers lets look at what happened in the paper markets over the last week. In the world’s largest ETF, SLV, late last week... Read More...

China (and globe) Hit With Surging Costs – Stagflation Cometh

Posted | 15-Oct-2021 / Views | 1680
China, it seems, can’t grab a break.  Amid the turmoil of the much talked about property crisis, the Chinese engine room, manufacturing, is showing signs of stress that may force Beijing’s hand on the monetary stimulus lever at the very worst time. Last night we saw the highest Producer Price Index (PPI) print since 1995 wit... Read More...

“Stagflation is Here” – CPI overshoots & Fed confirms taper

Posted | 14-Oct-2021 / Views | 1164
Last night we saw both the latest CPI print out of the US together with the minutes from the last Fed meeting.  Combined they paint a very clear concern around the stagflation we discussed yesterday. Gold surged over $35 and silver over 50c on the news after an initial reflexive dip. As the Bloomberg headline eloquently put it “U.S. C... Read More...

"Dangerous Divergence" – IMF warns of stagflation

Posted | 13-Oct-2021 / Views | 1238
The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook paints a picture of slowing economic growth and rising inflation.  In other words stagflation, maybe the most feared economic environment. Their summary read as follows: “The global economic recovery is continuing, even as the pandemic resurges. The fault lines opened up by COVID-19... Read More...

Crypto Market Strong at Highs

Posted | 12-Oct-2021 / Views | 671
The Bitcoin market has continued to show strength this week, with prices trading within a tight consolidation range, with a low at $53,657, and a high of $56,250. Following an impressive rally from the September lows, the market has managed to hold onto the gains whilst on-chain activity has commenced a welcome climb higher. When asked to ex... Read More...

Aussie Construction Shutdown. Silicon the straw to break the back?

Posted | 11-Oct-2021 / Views | 1512
Whilst all focus on construction in the press appears to concentrate on COVID workplace restrictions, an even bigger threat is quietly building, and that is the supply and cost of materials.  We discussed this last week here, however with so much riding on construction in this country the lack of discourse on materials threatens a rude sho... Read More...

Silver- ‘The world’s most undervalued commodity’

Posted | 08-Oct-2021 / Views | 2062
Yesterday we queried when silver may get caught up in the global supply chain squeeze affecting so many commodities right now.  Unlike gold, silver is heavily used in industry, with around half of annual production used in things like solar panels, electronics and medical equipment. Despite this and the aforementioned supply chain disru... Read More...

Supply Chain Disruptions and ‘Slow-balisation’

Posted | 07-Oct-2021 / Views | 1219
With gas shortages and price spikes facing UK drivers over the last month being the latest example, societies are undeniably seeing increased supply chain pressures. In the last 18 months we’ve come from expecting international packages to arrive in days, to waiting weeks and months for a book to arrive. Individual consumers and the manuf... Read More...

Inflation & “Terminal Phase of Bubble Excess"

Posted | 06-Oct-2021 / Views | 1116
Late last week we were served up another contemporary reminder of the impacts of abuse of a Fiat currency when Venezuela launched its second monetary overhaul in three years by cutting six zeros from the bolivar currency in response to hyperinflation.  In 2018 they cut 5 zeros and promised single digit inflation.  In the last year Ven... Read More...

Crypto’s Fundamental Market Strength Increasing

Posted | 05-Oct-2021 / Views | 807
The Bitcoin market has rallied strongly this week, breaking out of the recent consolidation range low of $40,931 US, and peaking at $49,044 over the weekend. After a fairly brutal September, this rally has brought with it renewed optimism for the last quarter of 2021. Similar to our observation during the rally in late July, a non-trivial volume... Read More...

Honey, they shrunk the groceries: Shrinkflation on the rise

Posted | 01-Oct-2021 / Views | 1551
Manufacturers and producers fighting increasing cost pressures are increasingly resorting to ‘shrinkflation’, offering a marginally smaller version of the same product, at the same price. If changes are incremental, then consumers are unlikely to notice the difference. While unscrupulous sellers have sought to short change their hap... Read More...

The Absolute Valuation Approach to Crypto Assets

Posted | 30-Sep-2021 / Views | 1007
Bitcoin's off-chain velocity is at an all-time high. Fiat currency with high velocity is normally a bad sign, but does that rule apply to crypto? A report from Crypto Research Report revisits the equation of exchange model with up to date market data to forecast the markets prices over the coming years. One of the most common ways to est... Read More...

Insider Trading at the Federal Reserve

Posted | 29-Sep-2021 / Views | 1603
Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren have now resigned from their posts after being exposed by the Wall Street Journal for insider trading last week. Kaplan was found to have made major trades in companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Facebook and Johnson & Johnson.  No stranger to trading, Robert Kap... Read More...

Crypto Market Rangebound – Where to Next?

Posted | 28-Sep-2021 / Views | 812
The Bitcoin market experienced volatile downside price action this week, opening at $47,328 on Monday and sliding to a low of $39,876. The sell-off comes alongside continued pressure on the industry from regulators, a sell-off in equities markets, challenging conditions in Chinese debt markets, and yet another Bitcoin ban in China. Alongside th... Read More...

Is silver trading at a discount?

Posted | 27-Sep-2021 / Views | 1221
While trending down from ATH of 125 from last year, the Gold-to-Silver Ratio (GSR) remains at an historically elevated level of 78 at current price levels. This means that you can trade in a single ounce of the yellow metal, and get more than two kilos of silver back. In dollar terms though, Silver is probably the only thing you can buy today f... Read More...