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Big Trouble in “Evergrande” China

Posted | 17-Sep-2021 / Views | 1145
Its Friday and whilst not the 13th, it ends the week that marked the 13th anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapsing and cementing the contagion of what would become the GFC, one of the worst financial crashes in history.  So over leveraged was the system that it’s all it took for the whole house of cards to come down.  Coinciden... Read More...

40,000 Comex Gold Contracts acquired by Anonymous Whale

Posted | 16-Sep-2021 / Views | 942
Whales moving the markets are more common in crypto, but since 10 August, a new major player has appeared on the long side of the gold futures contracts market. Raw data shows a large non-commercial trader has amassed as many as 40,000 COMEX gold contracts, the equivalent of 4 million ounces of gold - a cool $AU9.85bn. These reports are comi... Read More...

Debt Ceiling v Deficit v History – Here we go again

Posted | 15-Sep-2021 / Views | 779
Last night saw more losses on Wall St as the CPI inflation print again came in strong, albeit slightly lower than expectations.  ‘Transitory’ took another hit.  This fuelled a strong gold rally and shares fell, now putting them in the red for the month so far.  The prospect of higher rates and tapering amid the debate... Read More...

BTC’s Overdue Pullback – What Does The Future Hold?

Posted | 14-Sep-2021 / Views | 595
The Bitcoin market experienced a high volatility sell-off early last week, with prices initially breaking up to a new local high of $52,849 US, before selling down to a low of $44,196. What appeared to be the main driver on the sell-side, was a flush-out of excessive leverage in futures markets. Meanwhile, in spot and on-chain markets, the h... Read More...

10 years of negative returns or the tipping point?

Posted | 13-Sep-2021 / Views | 775
Wall St had another bad night Friday night, capping off the worst week on the S&P500 since mid June and the first 5 day losing streak since February.  The question of course is where to from here? As a reminder we are in the guts of September, historically the worst month for shares.  The VIX surged back above 20 as fear spread... Read More...

“Stunning” record in Corporate Bonds that Can’t be Ignored

Posted | 10-Sep-2021 / Views | 1216
If anyone needed reminding about the extent to which easy money is inflating sharemarkets the charts below paint a clear picture.  In a nutshell, the zero interest rate and QE fuelled monetary stimulus central bank policies are designed to rob you of any traditional ‘safe’ yield via savings or bonds and force you to look for ... Read More...

“What were you thinking?” – Dotcom warning redux

Posted | 09-Sep-2021 / Views | 765
The US sharemarket jitters extended last night and is set to see losses in our local market this morning.  Whilst some of the pressure was due to weakening growth concerns and worsening COVID fears, paradoxically concerns of tightening supply chains and labour markets yet again raises the dual spectre of forcing the Fed’s hand at tap... Read More...

Hedge Fund Moguls Mobius and Paulson Recommend Gold

Posted | 08-Sep-2021 / Views | 814
Famed Fund Manager Mark Mobius has advocated for the Golden Rule: “10% should be put into Physical Gold”. The Mobius Capital Partners founder argued, “Currency devaluation globally is going to be quite significant next year given the incredible amount of money supply that has been printed.” With US$86.6 Million AUM, it&r... Read More...

Ainslie Wealth Adds Polygon (MATIC)

Posted | 07-Sep-2021 / Views | 680
Last week we added Polygon (MATIC) to our Ainslie Wealth listed products. Polygon’s unique features and exciting roadmap make it an opportunity for those looking to diversify their crypto portfolios into some non-top-10 coins. Let’s jump into what the Polygon network does and is attempting to achieve… Polygon (previously M... Read More...

Taper Tempered & Surprises Surprise – Why More are turning to gold

Posted | 06-Sep-2021 / Views | 837
Friday night’s US NFP employment numbers dished up a major miss with only 235K new jobs added in August (the weakest print since January) against market expectations of 725K and a massive drop from July’s 943K.  The following chart illustrates this in the context of the April 2020 plunge. And the chart below reminds u... Read More...

Market Crash in September – History’s Lesson

Posted | 03-Sep-2021 / Views | 1986
As we sit here now in September, statistically the worst month of the year for shares and coincidentally with sharemarkets at near all time highs, investors should be taking a step back and objectively assessing the situation.  Winston Churchill famously paraphrased philosopher George Santayana when he said “Those who fail to learn f... Read More...

Refiners buying from the COMEX

Posted | 02-Sep-2021 / Views | 1164
According to market insider Andrew MacGuire, a precious metals refiner has started buying October silver futures contracts with the intention of taking delivery. Typically, the major clearing houses of the LBMA (London) and COMEX (New York) buy from refiners - not the other way around.  Major refiners are where miners deliver ‘dor... Read More...

Perth Mint 2022 Tiger Lunar Collection Release

Posted | 01-Sep-2021 / Views | 987
2022 will bring us into the Year of the Tiger (?). In preparation, Perth Mint are releasing their much anticipated third instalment of Lunar Series III. Orders will be open on our webstore from 7am on Monday 13th of September. The coming year will see two iconic designs, one for Gold and Platinum, the other for Silver. Perth Mint have released ... Read More...

BTC On-Chain Divergence

Posted | 31-Aug-2021 / Views | 822
Even at the best of times, the price action in the crypto market can be hard to digest and make sense of. As we quietly make a push up towards all-time high levels, the obvious question is who is buying at the moment? Fortunately, Glassnode released their weekly report which perfectly explains the market dynamics at the moment and provides some... Read More...

Jackson Hole – Where Doves Fly

Posted | 30-Aug-2021 / Views | 1146
The much anticipated and talked about speech from US Fed chair Jerome Powell at the global central bank meeting at Jackson Hole Friday night surprised to the looser or more ‘dovish’ side.  Many were anticipating a firm announcement around tapering their $120b/month QE program.  And whilst he did talk about tapering it was ... Read More...

“Gold: the most effective commodity investment”

Posted | 27-Aug-2021 / Views | 1275
“Gold: the most effective commodity investment” Listen to the news and under ‘commodities’ you’ll hear oil, gold and maybe copper quoted.  Many take issue with this as a commodity is more often thought of as something that is ‘used’ whereas gold’s industrial use is now miniscule and its asset ... Read More...

Where does Gold come from?

Posted | 26-Aug-2021 / Views | 810
Speaking to a customer yesterday morning, I was asked “I know you have gold, and I’m sure it’s pure, but is it real gold?” I started launching into the regular spiel about our Precious Metals Verification Machine before he interjected to ask, “I mean, is it manufactured? Where does it actually come from?” So he w... Read More...

Why the fastest doubling of S&P500 portends trouble ahead

Posted | 25-Aug-2021 / Views | 1095
COVID and the response by central banks and governments alike have rewritten the record book in so many ways.  Last week, just 354 trading days from the bottom of the deepest but shortest recession in history, the S&P500 doubled in value from that 23 March 2020 low.  That rally to double is the quickest since World War II. ... Read More...

Crypto Market Breaks Key Resistance Levels

Posted | 24-Aug-2021 / Views | 796
The Bitcoin market has experienced yet another strong week, with prices rallying from the weekly low of $43,998 US to a new multi-month high of $50,500. Confidence, conviction, and positive sentiment has followed this uplift in prices, as Bitcoin climbs closer to reclaiming its Trillion-dollar valuation. The price move follows a sustaine... Read More...

Australia’s Slippery Slope to Negative Rates & QE

Posted | 23-Aug-2021 / Views | 1430
Last week we saw the lowest unemployment print since December 2008 at just 4.6%.  However it only snicked the beginning of the full NSW lockdowns and some of the Victorian.  And so any view that somehow everything is awesome now needs some newer context.  From Indeed: “Sarah Hunter, from BIS Oxford Economics, said the Ju... Read More...