Selling Bullion With Ainslie Bullion

One of the key benefits of owning bullion is its liquidity.  You can sell your bullion as quickly and easily as when you bought it.  No marketing campaigns, no protracted settlement periods, no stamp duty etc.  You just bring it in or send it to us and we pay you.  Simple!

When the time comes where you wish to sell some of your precious metal bullion, Ainslie Bullion deliver the simplest, most hassle-free bullion purchase service. We also guarantee competitive pricing.  Selling bullion, be it gold, silver, or platinum, can be processed as easily as buying it, either personally or by telephone.

The easiest way to start is to check out our Live Price List (on our homepage) or give us a call for the current buyback price.  Call us on:

Australia Toll Free - 1800 819 474
Overseas - +61 7 3221 0500
Melbourne - 1800 246 754

You then have a few options to sell your bullion:

Selling Gold, Silver & Platinum in store:

This couldn’t be simpler. Just bring the metal you are selling in to us, we test it on the spot and pay you by either cash, bank transfer or cryptocurrencies as you wish.  If there is a lot of weight, call us and we will bring a trolley down to the carpark under our building (parking only $10/$15 for the hour) and help you up with it.  If you are selling as a trust, company or SMSF and we don’t already have your documents please ensure you bring originals or certified copies so we can pay you immediately.  There is no need for an appointment.

Selling Gold, Silver & Platinum by post or courier:

If you can’t get into our store but want to sell bullion you own, simply call us to discuss what options are available for the delivery of your items. Upon receiving these items in either Brisbane or Melbourne the price will be determined and communicated with you. Funds can be directly credited to your nominated bank account once the metal is in our custody and the price set. You can simply post the bullion to us or we can arrange a hassle free pickup (depending on value and weight) anywhere in Australia and have your parcel delivered, fully insured to our business address.

Selling Gold & Silver held in storage with Ainslie

For Ainslie storage customers, when you want to sell your gold or silver simply call or email instructions to [email protected]  or [email protected] and we can be process your request immediately with the funds transferred to your nominated bank account that day.

Selling Gold, Silver, Platinum held in storage at Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault

If you are one of our many customers who store their metal at Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault it gets even easier.  Simply ring us on the day you make your appointment at Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault and let us know what you wish to sell to us.  You hand over the agreed amount to a guard at Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault and they confirm the receipt with us immediately, the price is locked and we then pay you directly.  This saves you coming into our office (unless you want a cash payment) and also saves you walking around town with that metal.

Please note, we do not buy scrap gold or jewellery. Buybacks of rare and special coins will only be priced for their intrinsic precious metal content not their collectible value. 

Whether selling small or large quantities of gold and silver bullion, we guarantee competitive prices when selling your bullion to us. We pride ourselves in keeping your sell transaction hassle free, while also being ready to purchase your bullion no matter what the state of the market.