Bullion Storage Options

For many considering investing in bullion storage is a key consideration.  Storage of bullion can in fact be an easy, low cost exercise, with a number of options available.  Ultimately it is a risk and effort equation and that sometimes hinges on whether you own more gold or silver.  Obviously at a 80:1 value ratio you have a lot less bulk in gold to store than silver.  We’d urge people not to let this dictate your purchase as anything near a correction to historical ratios will soon have you forgetting about relatively inconsequential storage costs….

So what are your options:

  1. Taking it home –safes, hiding places, buried, the choice is yours and largely depends on how much you have to store and your home security.
  2. Secure storage – offsite secure facilities such as Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault, bank safe deposit boxes, and other Australian vaults.  Post Cyprus implications we suggest you consider the independence of the facility from bank or Government influence and to read the fine print of the Terms and Conditions of those that aren’t. Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault also offer a Custodial service that sees them manage your storage, provide full insurance, and regular inventory reports for SMSF audits etc.  Ainslie Bullion is the majority shareholder of Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault, bringing our 40+ years of experience to the business.
  3. Ainslie Bullion Storage Account
    • Allocated Storage – Ainslie Bullion can store your actual purchases in our own section of Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault for an annual charge. All holdings are fully insured.
    • Unallocated Storage – You can buy a share of bullion held by Ainslie Bullion.  All purchases are matched by metal held on our account and incur no charge. All holdings are fully insured.

Please see Storage Accounts for more information on this service.

When considering the cost of storage we urge customers to look at the cost on a percentage of your holding’s worth basis to give the amount some perspective. You should consider this against items such as brokerage fees, barring and freight in ETF’s, property management fees and rates, etc for other investment or asset classes.

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