Ainslie Bullion Storage Account

One of the storage options you have for purchasing bullion is to utilise our Ainslie Bullion Storage accounts.  Under this arrangement your metal is held in a custodial arrangement with us. You must purchase or sell a minimum of $10,000 of bullion to have access to this service. 

Hassle Free

A key benefit of an Ainslie Storage Account is that you can buy and sell as often as you like without leaving home.  It’s the ultimate in hassle free bullion trading and storage.

You have 2 options available – Unallocated bullion or Allocated bullion.

Unallocated Bullion

Sometimes called a ‘Pool Allocated Account’, this is a gold or silver account deposit in which the client does not have title to specific (allocated) bars or coins. The client instead owns a defined unsegmented interest in a pool of gold or silver held by us and receives a certificate of holding, amended with each transaction. When you want to sell, you simply take a cash settlement deposited straight to your bank account (or you can collect cash proceeds in store) per the buyback price at that time.  If ever you wish to take delivery of physical bullion you simply nominate the bar types you wish to received and we will also charge a small barring fee for conversion to your desired silver bullion form (generally no cost for gold) plus any handling and freight costs if you wish to have it shipped to you.  This is the most popular form of Storage Account given its ease, cost and flexibility.

There are no storage fees for unallocated storage.

Barring for delivery of silver bullion is dependent on type requested.  Please call to discuss.  While gold will generally be free of barring charges that assumes you taking the largest bars available for your holding.  Smaller bars or coins will incur a barring fee.

All unallocated bullion storage is fully insured.

Allocated Bullion

With an allocated account you buy and have title to specific bullion product that is simply stored with us for an annual charge.  For example you might buy 10 x 1oz gold and 10 x 1kg silver bars and those specific bars will be held by us under your name.  Should you wish to sell 7 x 1oz gold and 4 x 1kg silver bars, you simply ring us and we will take that product from your storage account and send you the proceeds.  If at any time you want to take delivery of your product you can do so.

Please note silver coins are not accepted in Allocated Storage (except for Kangaroos).

You receive a certificate of holding which is amended with each transaction.

Fees are as follows;

  • Silver - $17/kg per annum
  • Gold - $13/oz per annum

All allocated bullion storage is fully insured.


If you wish to purchase bullion online through our Web Shop for storage simply tick the storage box when purchasing. Remember our bullion storage accounts require a minimum transaction (purchase or sale) of $10,000. We also require all new storage account holders to complete a storage account application form and provide appropriate documentation (companies, trusts, SMSF's) and verify your ID as an individual through the website. The forms are available here:-
Download Storage Account Form

Save on Transaction Costs

Storage Accounts give you instant access to the precious metals markets without the need to go through brokers or traders as you would if buying ETF’s. You can buy quickly online, and pay no commissions.
Don’t want to purchase all at the same time? Use your Storage Account to make an initial purchase and accumulate them over time (above the minimum $10,000 transaction size). 

Payment Options

To secure your purchase, all deposits must be paid with either VISA, MasterCard, or Debit card through our online purchasing tool. Card payments DO NOT incur a surcharge for the initial deposit only.

Once you make your initial deposit by credit/debit card, an invoice for the final payment and other instructions will be sent by e-mail along with your order confirmation. Final payment must be made on the day of receipt of this invoice. All payments must be made no later than the close of business that day. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not meet both these requirements. We do not accept C.O.D. orders for bullion products over the Internet.

Private Storage

We do wish to point out that all of the arrangements above are essentially custodial arrangements in that we ‘hold the key’ to the safe units containing your goods. Should you wish to have the ultimate in independent secure storage we still recommend Reserve Vault ( and The Melbourne Vault ( to our clients where you can have your very own safe that you and only you have the key or combination to, and all within an ultra secure vault with a guard in attendance with you at all times. Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault also offer their own comprehensive Custodial Storage service. You can call Reserve Vault on 07 3221 6128 or The Melbourne Vault on 1800 682 858 to discuss options and rates.