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Why Robinhood Could Fuel the Next Gold and Crypto Rally

Posted | 02-Jul-2020 / Views | 1455
Much has been written about the trading platform Robinhood and its users, with some even calling this sharemarket rally the Robinhood Rally.  The free trading app has exploded in use from 1 million in 2016 to over 13 million and at an average age of 31 they are predominately millennials.  The app is deliberately designed with a ‘g... Read More...

PM Bull Run Fundamentals “never been better”

Posted | 01-Jul-2020 / Views | 6188
And so ends another financial year.  Likely one we will never forget and unfortunately FY21 is looking to be equally eventful.  Over FY20 we saw (in AUD) gold up 30%, silver up 19%, platinum flat, and the ASX200 down 11% by comparison or 1% if you had your cash (nervously) in a term deposit.  In crypto, BTC is flat and ETH is down ... Read More...

PayPal To Offer Crypto to 325 Million User

Posted | 30-Jun-2020 / Views | 3452
Fintech titan PayPal intends to roll out direct trades of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users as institutional FOMO sets in. News broke last week that fintech titan PayPal intends to roll out direct trades of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users. Currently, PayPal’s only involvement in the crypto ecosystem is that it can be use... Read More...

COVID hits 10m – What Will Trump Throw at This?

Posted | 29-Jun-2020 / Views | 5095
The world just passed 2 bleak milestones in this pandemic, passing 10 million cases and 500,000 deaths.  The feeling of this being ‘over’ is quickly passing as even domestically the surge in cases in Victoria highlight the dangers of relaxing. Whilst debate still rages over whether we should have locked down or not, the facts ... Read More...

Why Gold Will Hit $2000 by Year End

Posted | 26-Jun-2020 / Views | 12690
Changing it up today we are passing on a well spelt out argument for record high gold in the second half of this year.  Eddie van der Walt is editor and commentator at Bloomberg for global financial markets with his focus on commodities.  He just wrote an article laying out the case for $2000 gold before year end.  Enjoy. &ldquo... Read More...

IMF “Crisis Like No Other” Forecast Relies on China to the Rescue

Posted | 25-Jun-2020 / Views | 8601
The IMF released its latest World Economic Outlook and as they have been signalling since their last in April, it’s got much worse.  That should not be a surprise however, as even prior to an understandably hard to predict virus impact, they have a consistent history of being overly optimistic in their forecasts.  However in descr... Read More...

Will This June Mark the Top? Next - The Insolvency Phase

Posted | 24-Jun-2020 / Views | 7895
We make no secret of the fact we think Raoul Pal, CEO and founder of Real Vision, is one of the better macro economic minds out there.  His track record is hard to fault.  Previously we outlined his The Unfolding thesis of where we are headed economically.  Essentially he sees this as 3 phases.   The first is the liquidatio... Read More...

Gold & the Nike Swoosh

Posted | 23-Jun-2020 / Views | 4649
Gold hit an 8 year high last night reaching US$1765.  Our AUD surged over 69c to take all the shine of the rise off for local investors.  Much of gold’s rise was likely off the back of a worsening global outlook for COVID-19.  Whilst mainstream news seems to have largely moved on with more stories of car crashes and puppies, ... Read More...

Goldman’s Up Gold & Silver Forecast as Fed Quietly Eases

Posted | 22-Jun-2020 / Views | 13240
Unless you’ve been under a rock lately you may have gleaned that the US sharemarket surge has been reputedly based on the Fed’s stimulus rather than fundamentals.  After all all-time high share prices amidst the worst recession in a lifetime seem just a little incongruous. To be fair some of the support has been a growing feeling... Read More...

Australia’s Property “Time Bomb” at the Cliff

Posted | 19-Jun-2020 / Views | 20502
It’s Friday, and whilst not the 13th, we are now at an even scarier 13 weeks from Australia’s so called ‘economic cliff’ when a host of emergency measures put in place by the government come to an end.  Yesterday’s employment figures for May, the worst since 2001, were a stark reminder we are far from out of the... Read More...