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Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

Posted | 19-Feb-2018 / Views | 961
Last night 60 Minutes ran a piece on the ‘crypto currency’ Auscoin, essentially revealing it to be scam.  That of course has mainstream media yet again today tarring all cryptos with the same scam brush.  Now don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of scam coins and tokens out there and you need to be careful, but to call a... Read More...

Litecoin Surges on LitePay News

Posted | 16-Feb-2018 / Views | 654
As both the metal and cryptos markets continue their uptrend (Bitcoin up another 7.4% overnight, Ether up 2.1%, Ripple 0.8% and Litecoin 1.9%) can this be the signal that the bear market for cryptos is over? The Litecoin price surge of over 30% we mentioned yesterday was on the back of speculation of a hard fork and news of a merchant solution f... Read More...

Gold breakout – Fundamentals & Market Converge

Posted | 15-Feb-2018 / Views | 762
Last night was another strong night for gold and silver, up $21 (1.6%) and 28c (1.7%) respectively boosted by inflation fears and the USD resuming its fall.  Our 4 cryptos on offer also had a strong night, Bitcoin up 9.1%, Ethereum up 8.6%, Ripple up 11.6% and Litecoin on a tear, up 33.6% (interestingly our biggest seller yesterday was Litecoi... Read More...

New All Time High Portends Trouble Ahead

Posted | 14-Feb-2018 / Views | 786
Yesterday we discussed the projected increases to the already record high $20.7 trillion US government debt.  But it’s not just the government employing the “hope” strategy… Yesterday, courtesy of the NY Fed, we saw personal debt in the US hit a new all-time high of $13.15 trillion after rising $193 billion in the l... Read More...

US Faces Downgrade on Soaring Debt

Posted | 13-Feb-2018 / Views | 787
As rating agency Moodys issued a warning to the US that it may see a downgrade in its credit rating and another Government Shutdown was narrowly averted, we see the results of the latest US Budget showing…. More debt! Last week Moodys warned: “The stable credit profile of the United States (Aaa stable) is likely to face downward ... Read More...

Bitcoin Bottom In?

Posted | 12-Feb-2018 / Views | 820
Too often dismissed as a fad for geeks and criminals, Bitcoin and more importantly the blockchain technology it harnesses received two substantial shots in the arm of legitimacy and permanency last week. Firstly that canny Wall St billionaire legend, Michael Novogratz who we reported last October announced the establishment of a dedicated crypto... Read More...

Biggest Market Risks and Gold

Posted | 09-Feb-2018 / Views | 1171
Last night saw another 1000 points off the Dow Jones and Volatility spiking wildly again.  So what has the market so spooked?  The chart below, courtesy of Bank of America Merrill Lynch maps it out: We discussed on Monday what triggered all this and that chart confirms the mix of rising rates and inflation are front of mind.  ... Read More...

Rising Chinese Wealth Into Gold

Posted | 08-Feb-2018 / Views | 659
Yesterday we summarised WGC’s 2017 gold demand report.  Reading such publications reminds us of the sheer scale of China’s influence in the gold market. Whilst the report separates ‘investment’ and ‘jewellery’ into categories, what is lost on many is they are often one and the same for Chinese buyers.&nbs... Read More...

WGC – 2017 Full Year Gold Demand Trend Report

Posted | 07-Feb-2018 / Views | 621
Yesterday the World Gold Council released their 2017 Full Year Gold Demand Trends report.  The following is a summary of the report: Overall Despite a 6% gain in the final quarter, gold demand for the full year declined 7% to 4,072 tonne. Investment Unsurprisingly gold demand for investment purposes fell in 2017.  Afte... Read More...

Gold & Silver Technicals Look Exciting

Posted | 06-Feb-2018 / Views | 1002
It was another night of big falls on Wall St and markets around the world.  At one stage the Dow had lost 6% (1500 points) and finished down 4.6%.  Crypto’s too had a brutal night on news of further regulatory crack downs in China with Bitcoin down to just US$6,500 before a strong rebound passing US$7,200 at the time of writing.&nbs... Read More...