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Is an Australian financial crisis on the cards?

Posted | 22-Jun-2018 / Views | 1297
Following on from yesterday’s article about the Aussie economy we thought it worth sharing a recent Australian Financial Review article titled “Is an Australian financial crisis on the cards?” which was off the back of comments from respected economist Paul Dales.  In 2016 the very same AFR awarded him ‘Economist of the... Read More...

Aussie Shares Hit 10yr High – Behind the Scenes

Posted | 21-Jun-2018 / Views | 682
The front page of the AFR today carries the headline ‘Sharemarket hits a 10-year high’ as the ASX200 sits at 6172.  Over in the US, the Dow Jones is still in the red for the year but the S&P500 rose last night to be up 3.5% for the year largely off Tech Stocks. Whilst the Aussie sharemarket price action is certainly good new... Read More...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Must Read

Posted | 20-Jun-2018 / Views | 1082
Yesterday we discussed the sadly laughably ‘old’ response of the BIS on cryptocurrencies.  In fairness to BIS, this is a fast moving space and we are still in the early adoption, or formative, stage of what we will no doubt look back on as a technical, societal and even financial revolution.  Our ‘Why Buy Crypto” b... Read More...

BIS BS – Is this peak FUD?

Posted | 19-Jun-2018 / Views | 965
It was an interesting, and possibly insightful or instructive 24 hours in the crypto markets as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) or so called central banks’ central bank released a 24 page report damning cryptocurrencies.  Whilst markets dipped slightly on the news, there subsequently seemed to be a ‘realisation rally&r... Read More...

Global Bonds Just Inverted – What happens now?

Posted | 18-Jun-2018 / Views | 1037
The big money normally use both bonds and gold for safety when they get concerned about the potential for equities to outperform the safer option.  As we discussed and explained back in April, there has been growing concern about the so called flattening of the yield curve in US Treasuries.  Last week we saw central bank meetings in the U... Read More...

SEC Endorses Ethereum – BIG news for crypto

Posted | 15-Jun-2018 / Views | 1148
You won’t see this in any main stream paper today but last night we saw potentially huge news in the crypto space.  For those new to the area there is a long running debate and concern around the issue of whether certain cryptocurrencies are ‘security’ or ‘utility’ coins or tokens. One of the biggest headwinds ... Read More...

“Gold is Dirt Cheap” – In Gold We Trust interview

Posted | 14-Jun-2018 / Views | 979
A couple of weeks back we gave you the initial takeaways from the undisputed ‘bible’ of gold – the In Gold We Trust report.  We were remiss in not providing the link to this 230 page comprehensive report (or the Compact Version as well).  You can read either by clicking here. The author, Ronald Stoerferle recently gav... Read More...

Inflation Looking Bullish for Gold

Posted | 13-Jun-2018 / Views | 733
The gold price has a few ‘masters’ but history has shown inflation is one of the leading influences.  As fiat currencies lose purchasing power through inflation, gold has maintained it for thousands of years.  Last night, just before tonight’s Fed meeting, we saw Core CPI in the US print 2.2% YonY and Headline CPI print ... Read More...

Gold & Bitcoin – “Crisis Currency”

Posted | 12-Jun-2018 / Views | 1046
Bitcoin dropped 11% over the weekend after drifting sideways for the last few months, and so many newcomers to the market may well be wondering where all those stellar gains have gone and again querying its merits per se.  It’s easy to forget it is still up 127% over the last year, well above any mainstream investments.  Also, it is... Read More...

Gold Consumption – A Matter of Perspective

Posted | 11-Jun-2018 / Views | 841
Last week the World Gold Council released their monthly gold backed ETF data which saw 15 tonne added to global holdings, taking the total to 2,484 tonne to the end of May. The gain was courtesy of European and Asian markets, up 26 tonne and 21 tonne respectively, whilst North America declined 30 tonne because, well, ‘everything’s aweso... Read More...