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Bakkt “Cleared to Launch!”

Posted | 19-Aug-2019 / Views | 553
Bakkt, the Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) young subsidiary announced Friday that it had acquired a New York state trust charter through the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). The approval clears the way for the company to begin offering its highly anticipated physically settled bitcoin futures contracts. The company i... Read More...

88 GSR in Context – Why Silver Looks Poised to Explode

Posted | 16-Aug-2019 / Views | 1502
So far this year gold is up 23% in Aussie dollar terms (19% in USD) and whilst silver has belatedly joined the party, it is lagging at ‘only’ 15%.  15% is also the amount the ASX200 is up in Australia (the S&P500 in the US is up around 13%).  The question may be then, which has more upside?  The Gold Silver Ratio is s... Read More...

Countdown to Recession

Posted | 15-Aug-2019 / Views | 1540
There were more heavy falls on Wall St last night and strong gains in gold and silver as the all important 2-10yr yield curve for US Treasuries inverted, China called trumps bluff on the tariff delay that buoyed markets earlier in the week, and more poor economic data confirmed China has serious wobbles. To top it off negative yielding debt reached... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence, Trading Signals update

Posted | 13-Aug-2019 / Views | 691
This week’s Ainslie Intelligence trading signals will be a little different due to some interruptions caused by our office renovations. That aside let's jump into some of our most interesting charts of the last week. The fears of a no-trade deal between the US and China is leading the global economy towards another recession, the weigh... Read More...

Currency Wars & You

Posted | 12-Aug-2019 / Views | 1333
With China devaluing their Yuan in retaliation for the US sanctions the US wheeled out its 30 year old cannon, the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988, and fired off a “Currency Manipulator” shot to China.  This declaration, the first in 25 years, triggers the IMF to come in on the action together with the US Treasurer.&n... Read More...

“Cliff of Death” Warning From Raoul Pal

Posted | 09-Aug-2019 / Views | 3001
Something a little different today.  There are few financial analysts or commentators with more ‘street cred’ than Real Vision’s Raoul Pal.  Below is a Twitter thread outlining his reasoning for an urgent warning of an imminent currency crisis as we touched on yesterday.  (If you are a little sensitive to language h... Read More...

Weaponised Currency “Tsunami is Coming"

Posted | 08-Aug-2019 / Views | 1996
If you hadn’t noticed, there is a ‘little’ currency war playing out at the moment and it is sending shockwaves through markets. Last night gold hit the USD1,500 for the first time since 2013.  However that is only a 50% retracement of the fall from the 2011 high of USD1,900 to the 2015 USD1,050 low.  But that is only ... Read More...

Banning Cash Transactions – The Real Reason

Posted | 07-Aug-2019 / Views | 3875
There is very understandable and growing concern around the clear agenda of government to move us away from cash and more precisely into banks.  Last May we reported, the day after the budget was handed down, the government plan to ban cash transactions between businesses and individuals over $10,000.  That was supposed to come into effec... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence, Trading Signals update

Posted | 06-Aug-2019 / Views | 748
This week we look further into our most recent trade for our Ethereum Price in AUD, which is currently outperforming the market by over 57%. We also investigate the reasons for the Aussie Dollar’s decline over the last few weeks and why the AI has recently changed to recommend buying. Interested in subscribing to our AI Signals? Visit ai.a... Read More...

Could this unleash Euro CB Gold Buying?

Posted | 05-Aug-2019 / Views | 1164
Something happened on 26 July that whilst on first glance was not a big deal, on closer analysis could herald the beginning of Euro member central banks, and indeed the ECB itself, joining the ‘big buy up’ of gold by the world’s central banks that saw last year hit an all-time record and this year on track to maybe even exceed it ... Read More...