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Institutional Funds Line up for Crypto

Posted | 23-Feb-2018 / Views | 738
A lot of the anticipation of uber high Bitcoin and other crypto prices is around institutional take up, with 2018 touted as the year of major adoption.  The table below lists the queue for ETF’s alone: The SEC seems to be stalling with allowing the introduction of these crypto ETF’s with the concerns largely around liquidity... Read More...

Crypto - No Short-Lived Tech Gimmick

Posted | 22-Feb-2018 / Views | 716
Despite what seems like the continual production of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) surrounding the emerging cryptocurrency market, the cryptocurrencies are proving themselves and the concept they represent to be more than a short-lived tech gimmick. Bitcoin rose from the ashes of the GFC and out of the desire for protection from bank bail... Read More...

Record US Bond Sales for the Fiat Ponzi

Posted | 21-Feb-2018 / Views | 809
Last week we discussed the planned (not accidental) massive increases to the US’s deficits, some $1.2 trillion this year. So how does one pay for these deficits?  Issue new debt of course! So it should be no surprise that last night the US Treasury issued a record amount of Treasury bonds, $179b in one day and an expected weekly total of... Read More...

Senate Passes ‘Bail In’ Law – How Safe Is Your Cash Now?

Posted | 20-Feb-2018 / Views | 3256
Few would know that very quietly on 14 February 2018, with just 7 senators present, the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers And Other Measures) Bill 2017 was passed into law on a voice vote.  You likely saw no press on the matter and yet the ramifications for all Australians are potentially huge. This is a very ... Read More...

Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme?

Posted | 19-Feb-2018 / Views | 1534
Last night 60 Minutes ran a piece on the ‘crypto currency’ Auscoin, essentially revealing it to be scam.  That of course has mainstream media yet again today tarring all cryptos with the same scam brush.  Now don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of scam coins and tokens out there and you need to be careful, but to call a... Read More...

Litecoin Surges on LitePay News

Posted | 16-Feb-2018 / Views | 829
As both the metal and cryptos markets continue their uptrend (Bitcoin up another 7.4% overnight, Ether up 2.1%, Ripple 0.8% and Litecoin 1.9%) can this be the signal that the bear market for cryptos is over? The Litecoin price surge of over 30% we mentioned yesterday was on the back of speculation of a hard fork and news of a merchant solution f... Read More...

Gold breakout – Fundamentals & Market Converge

Posted | 15-Feb-2018 / Views | 858
Last night was another strong night for gold and silver, up $21 (1.6%) and 28c (1.7%) respectively boosted by inflation fears and the USD resuming its fall.  Our 4 cryptos on offer also had a strong night, Bitcoin up 9.1%, Ethereum up 8.6%, Ripple up 11.6% and Litecoin on a tear, up 33.6% (interestingly our biggest seller yesterday was Litecoi... Read More...

New All Time High Portends Trouble Ahead

Posted | 14-Feb-2018 / Views | 866
Yesterday we discussed the projected increases to the already record high $20.7 trillion US government debt.  But it’s not just the government employing the “hope” strategy… Yesterday, courtesy of the NY Fed, we saw personal debt in the US hit a new all-time high of $13.15 trillion after rising $193 billion in the l... Read More...

US Faces Downgrade on Soaring Debt

Posted | 13-Feb-2018 / Views | 861
As rating agency Moodys issued a warning to the US that it may see a downgrade in its credit rating and another Government Shutdown was narrowly averted, we see the results of the latest US Budget showing…. More debt! Last week Moodys warned: “The stable credit profile of the United States (Aaa stable) is likely to face downward ... Read More...

Bitcoin Bottom In?

Posted | 12-Feb-2018 / Views | 888
Too often dismissed as a fad for geeks and criminals, Bitcoin and more importantly the blockchain technology it harnesses received two substantial shots in the arm of legitimacy and permanency last week. Firstly that canny Wall St billionaire legend, Michael Novogratz who we reported last October announced the establishment of a dedicated crypto... Read More...