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Ainslie Intelligence - Weekly Summary of Performance

Posted | 17-Sep-2019 / Views | 540
Drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil facilities over the weekend have knocked out half of the country’s oil capacity – about 5 million barrels a day. That’s roughly 5% of global supply.  Oil prices reacted violently to the attack, sending WTI up more than 14% as soon as trading opened on Monday. Prices look to be stable with... Read More...

India Silver Demand Surges

Posted | 16-Sep-2019 / Views | 924
Last week we saw reports of China’s central bank adding 100 tonne of gold to its reserves this year alone with another 5.9 tonne added just in August. This is of course on top of their non PBOC imports and other reports around Russia’s rapacious accumulation as well as we discussed in the Crypto Koala interview recently. Howev... Read More...

QEternity – No end in sight

Posted | 13-Sep-2019 / Views | 1384
As we reported yesterday, and according to prophecy, the ECB last night drove their rates further negative to -0.5%, restarted their QE program to the tune of $22billion per month, TLTRO (sweet lending deal to banks), and very dovish forward guidance. Welcome to QEternity; open ended QE "for as long as necessary to reinforce the accommodati... Read More...

King of Debt’s “Recipe for Disaster”

Posted | 12-Sep-2019 / Views | 1179
Just ahead of the ECB meeting tonight where markets are pricing in a 100% chance of Draghi cutting rates by 10bp at an absolute minimum and wide speculation or expectation that he will unleash more QE and other instruments amid a Euro economy struggling to stave off a recession, Trump is feeling left out and hence upped his anti Fed campaign sensat... Read More...

Why NOT to buy gold ETF’s

Posted | 11-Sep-2019 / Views | 1097
We are firmly on record as believing there is no sensible reason to own gold or silver through an ETF.  We last wrote to this here if you want a recap.  Whilst covering many of the same themes, we came across the following from Simon Black of and felt compelled to share it as it puts it more clearly into perspective. ... Read More...

Ainslie Intelligence - Weekly Performance

Posted | 10-Sep-2019 / Views | 607
Over the last few weeks, we saw the GSR drop from its high of 93 back down to 83 as silver played catch up with gold. From August 22nd to the 5th of September, silver made strong gains on the back of demand, pushing the GSR down by roughly 10%. The AI has been analysing sentiment and volume data in greater proportions over the same period as it ... Read More...

Bamboo Launches Gold & Silver Standard tokens

Posted | 09-Sep-2019 / Views | 1103
Bamboo Launches Gold & Silver Standard tokens Bamboo ( is a microinvestments platform that allows anyone to seamlessly purchase digital assets.  To date that has just been Bitcoin and Ethereum however this ingenious app has just included our own Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) tokens to allow their investo... Read More...

Was that the ‘backtest’? Trade War ‘Fixed’?

Posted | 06-Sep-2019 / Views | 1957
Last night was possibly the night a few of the technical guys have been waiting for with silver smashed 4.5%, gold 2.3% and wiping out all the gains of the night before. Some technical analysts have for a while now have been calling for such a pull back after such a strong uninterrupted rally.  One of the best in the closed group of Nuggets... Read More...

Aussie GDP Fails – RBA Poised to Ease

Posted | 05-Sep-2019 / Views | 1274
Yesterday we did this interview with Crypto Koala covering a host of topics including our Gold & Silver Standard tokens, fiat currency and gold standard history, Russia & China and more. Yesterday also saw the latest growth and current account figures for Australia released and the parallels with the facts behind the headline numbers and... Read More...

Silver up 4.5% overnight. US Not So Great Again

Posted | 04-Sep-2019 / Views | 1365
Silver exploded last night, up 4.5% over night, platinum up 3.1%, gold up 1.3% and Bitcoin 1.5% as well.  On the other side we saw US shares down around 1%. It seems the world’s shining light economy, the mighty USA, is struggling more than people thought.  Last night saw the release of manufacturing PMI’s and they confirme... Read More...