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China’s Economic Freeze in Charts

Posted | 17-Feb-2020 / Views | 2430
China’s Economic Freeze in Charts As we discussed on Friday, the implications of the Coronavirus on the economic house of cards that is China cannot be understated.  Today we give a quick run through of the quantifiable impacts already. First, and no surprise to the materials supplier - Australia, a huge component of China’s ... Read More...

The Chinese Credit Virus v Coronavirus

Posted | 14-Feb-2020 / Views | 7684
Sharemarkets had enjoyed a relief rally for the past few days on reports that infection rates for Coronavirus had been falling.  Many experts were casting doubt over these figures particularly given they emanate from the notoriously opaque communist regime (a bit like their economic figures…).  Overnight the province at the epicent... Read More...

Debt Surges in January

Posted | 13-Feb-2020 / Views | 5209
If you had to name just one fundamentally fatal issue with the current financial system it would have to be debt.  That might seem obvious to most but it is in no way stopping the reckless embrace of it around the world. At home we have the much reported second highest personal debt in the world and a Government desperately hanging on to a ... Read More...

“Treacherously unstable” - IMF & Central Banks Have No Control

Posted | 12-Feb-2020 / Views | 5496
“Central banks have lost control of global liquidity. The dollarised international financial system has become treacherously unstable and vulnerable to a sudden reversal in capital flows. Yet the International Monetary Fund is a diminished force and no longer has the firepower to act as the world's lender of last resort in an emergency... Read More...

What Is Fuelling Bitcoins Price Increase?

Posted | 11-Feb-2020 / Views | 3014
The bitcoin price, which was trading under $10,000 per bitcoin just two months ago, surged to over $15,000 (before retracing to $14,700 this morning) and many are expecting bitcoin, as well as the booming wider cryptocurrency market, to keep on climbing. The latest comes some two years after the bitcoin price soared to almost $27,000 per bitcoin... Read More...

Its ALL about Central Bank Liquidity – Why NFP Shows Up the farce

Posted | 10-Feb-2020 / Views | 3574
If you needed any clearer confirmation of what is driving global financial markets to all time highs (as we discussed last week here) then look no further then Friday night.  The monthly US NFP employment figures came out and exceeded expectations considerably, coming in at 225K new jobs and good signs of wage growth.  Surely in a market ... Read More...

Coronavirus Pumping Gold and Bitcoin

Posted | 07-Feb-2020 / Views | 4297
Coronavirus is driving the price of Bitcoin up. It proves that bitcoin is a haven asset and that in itself is a massive use case. However, much as Bitcoin naysayers want to scorn Bitcoin, it is proven that when times get scary in countries like China and Iran, they run for BTC. The reaction of bitcoin’s price to the coronavirus outbreak... Read More...

Why a US Recession Looks Imminent & How Just 10% Gold Wins

Posted | 06-Feb-2020 / Views | 5131
Following on from yesterday’s article on the warnings signalled from valuations and inversion of the UST yield curve, today we look further into the latest Crescat Quarterly Report and share an analysis showing how just having 10% of your portfolio in gold would have seen you outperform every year for over a decade. So clearly valuations a... Read More...

Record High Vals & Yield Curve Screaming Market Top

Posted | 05-Feb-2020 / Views | 4689
Crescat Capital, as always, have a way of cutting through the noise via clear charts that tell a thousand words.  Lets have a look at a few of the latest from their Quarterly Investor Letter. First let’s revisit the crazily high valuations at present on the so called cleanest dirty shirt, the S&P500.  EV, courtesy of Investop... Read More...

Coronavirus and the double impact on Australia

Posted | 04-Feb-2020 / Views | 8312
Since we last wrote of the potential economic impacts of the Coronavirus on the economy (here) things have deteriorated further. In anticipation of the effects of the escalation of the virus, and with the reopening of their financial markets after being shut since 23 January for the Chinese NY holiday, the Chinese government pre-emptively announ... Read More...