The Ainslie Bullion Silver Stacker

Ainslie Bullion presents it's beautiful and highly secure Silver Stacker bar range. These bars are stunningly finished, we've included an image here for you to look at. They're available in 10 oz, 1kg and 100 oz bars (100 oz currently by pre-order). Here are some details for the bars, specifically around their high level of security. 

- Unique serials for each bar (meaning your bar is trackable if stolen)

- ISO9001 Certification (accredited assurance of weight and purity)

- Tamper evident features:

       Micro-reeded edges (only available on machined bars)

       Anti-forgery swirl pattern (face and cavity)

- Precision Machining allow for stack and lock feature

Click below for live pricing on each Silver Stacker bar

When buying in bulk, our stackers can cost as little as $1.30 above the Silver Spot price!
(If you wish to purchase 100 oz bars, please contact us directly via 1800 819 474)


Ainslie Bullion silver stacker

*Pricing can change at any moment, so please ensure you check our live pricing within the WebShop.

Watch a short video, showcasing our 10 oz silver stacker.