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You just need a 10% deposit payment to secure your bullion or Bitcoin.  We'll email you a final invoice amount which will need to be paid in full within 24 hours. All prices are listed and all transactions processed in Australian dollars.

Bitcoin rates out of business hours will be repriced as at 9am on the next business day.


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Min. 0.5BTC Max $50,000
We securely create a new wallet
Min. 0.5BTC Max $50,000
You have your own existing BTC address
Min. 0.5BTC Max $50,000
We hold your wallet
Our lowest priced gold bar
World's most secure gold bar!
Perfect future flexibility & divisability
Perfect future flexibility & divisability
Minimum $10,000 buy
Free storage!
Closest to spot price!
Best value Ainslie gold bar
Discount for - x500 Monster Box
World's biggest selling coin
Discount for - x500 Monster Box
9999's & 2nd biggest global seller
Minimum $10,000 buy
Free storage!
delivery late August

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