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Buy silver bullion online, safely, quickly and securely with Ainslie Bullion's Live Pricing web shop - and with only a 10% deposit. Our online webshop is open from 6am to 10pm 7 days a week. Silver comes in coins, poured and minted bars:

Silver Bars: Ainslie offers three main types of silver bullion bars. This is a personal choice with every type of bar having its own unique points and advantages. The most affordable form of bar is the cast bar. Having the same metal purity as a minted bar, some will argue that a cast bar is actually harder to forge. As for minted bars, their precision and beauty come at a price premium. Many minted silver bars come in protective packaging with their respective certifications and unique numbers which provide ease of mind for some buyers. The rarest of the lot are the extruded bars. These bars are a mix between a cast bar and a minted one, which the price being somewhere in the middle of the two other bars. For a bar to be considered investment grade, it should have a recognised purity (eg 99.99% or 9999), a stand out logo or brand (hallmark), and a specific weight (in grams, kilograms or Troy Ounces.)

Silver Coins: Coins are often a preferred choice of bullion because of a few of their features. The relatively smaller size of Silver coins makes them easier to carry, as well as easier to sell in the event of large price increases. Coins are legal tender, meaning the coin and its metal content is backed by Government. Coins also have international recognition making for easy tradability overseas. Government minted coins often come in limited mintage runs, making them collectibles and hence a premium can often be realised.  Coins make excellent gifts as they can hold special occasion designs (lunar years, commemorative coins) as well as beloved characters ranging from people to cartoons and super heroes. Caution should be exercised in buying coins over bars for your Super as they can be classified as a collectible and need special storage.  Refer to the ATO or your advisor for more information.

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