Unallocated Silver Storage

Unallocated Silver Storage

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Free storage!
Minimum $10,000 buy

PLEASE NOTE - Unallocated silver storage requires a minimum$10,000 each transaction, whether buying or selling.  When ordering increase the number of nominal kg units until at least $10,000.

Sometimes called a ‘Pool Account’, this is a silver account deposit in which the client does not have title to specific (allocated) bars or coins. The client instead owns a defined unsegmented interest in a pool of silver held by us. Apart from an upfront fee for silver ($10/kg and already built into the price you are seeing now) this is a free service.  When you want to sell, you simply take a cash settlement deposited straight to your bank account (or you can collect cash proceeds in store).  If ever you wish to take delivery of physical bullion you simply nominate the bar types you wish to received and we may charge a barring fee for conversion, plus any handling and freight costs if you wish to have it shipped to you.  This is the most popular form of Storage Account given its ease, cost and flexibility.

Unallocated storage often suits customers who want to trade regularly without even leaving home or are remote to Brisbane.

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