20x 1oz XAG Silver Bar
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20x 1oz XAG Silver Bar

Discounts for - x100
Available singularly or at a discount for 20 and further discounted for 100.

If you are looking for the closest way to get to the spot price in a 1oz bar or coin, these little gems are for you. They are a cast bar stamped with the XAG Intrinsic Tender hallmark and 1oz of 999 fine silver. Their simple yet classically industrial appearance means you aren’t paying for the expense of minting or high finish in just 1oz of silver.

Many people wanting to get started in silver are forced into either higher premium 1oz coins or minted bars, or larger format bars that whilst cheaper per ounce, may be out of budget range or thought to be not as ‘tradeable’ in the future to a smaller format bar. These bars allow you to do exactly that.

XAG Intrinsic Tender is a growing brand that serves the dual purpose of being a widely recognised hallmark, but also potentially being a widely traded ‘currency’ unit as well. This is the first bullion product in the world to contain the official XAG currency code. “1.00 XAG” simply means that this item contains 1 troy ounce of 999 fine silver metal.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) maintains a list of official currency designators. Most people will already be familiar with the codes for Australia (AUD), United States (USD) etc, but there is a currency code for silver as well, XAG which equals one troy ounce of silver.

These bars are made in the UK by an LBMA accredited refinery.
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