1oz Southern Cross Silver button

1oz Southern Cross Silver button

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For those wanting beautiful small format silver but not wanting to pay the extra premium for legal tender coins – these are your bar. These stunning polished 999 silver cast 1oz button bars come sealed in plastic sheets of 20 (we will cut to size for smaller orders) providing both protection and stacking convenience.

Many people wanting to get started in silver are forced into either higher premium 1oz coins or minted bars, or larger format bars that whilst cheaper per ounce, may be out of budget range or thought to be not as ‘tradeable’ in the future to a smaller format bar. These bars allow you to do exactly that.

Southern Cross bars are produced in Germany by renowned precious metals trading house Geiger Edelmetalle.

Bullion Bars come in 3 main types – cast, minted or extruded. The choice is ultimately a personal one with each having it’s own advantages. Some people prefer cast as it is the cheapest form and many will argue harder to forge than a minted bar. Metal purity is the same. Whilst at a price premium, others prefer the beauty and precision of a minted bar many of which come wrapped in protective coating and with certificates or numbers providing further comfort to some. Extruded bars are rarer and in essence form a hybrid between cast and minted with the cost premium sitting in between as well. Bars are considered investment grade if they have a recognised hallmark (brand), weight (in Troy Ounces, gram or kilograms) , and purity (eg 9999 or 99.99%).
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