1oz Platinum minted bar - Baird

1oz Platinum minted bar - Baird

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Struck from 1oz of 99.95% pure platinum these beautiful minted bars come in individual tamper proof certi-cards and have individual serial numbers stamped on the bar itself not on the packaging.

The bars are produced by LBMA accredited Baird & Co. out of London. Baird & Co. were established in 1967 and have been a member of LBMA since 2000.

Bullion Bars come in 3 main types – cast, minted or extruded. The choice is ultimately a personal one with each having its own advantages. Some people prefer cast as it is the cheapest form and many will argue harder to forge than a minted bar. Metal purity is the same. Whilst at a price premium, others prefer the beauty and precision of a minted bar many of which come wrapped in protective coating and with certificates or numbers providing further comfort to some. Extruded bars are rarer and in essence form a hybrid between cast and minted with the cost premium sitting in between as well. Bars are considered investment grade if they have a recognised hallmark (brand) and marked with the metal type, weight (in Troy Ounces, gram or kilograms), and purity (eg 9999 or 99.99%).
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