1oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins

1oz Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coins


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Austrian Mint Beauties

1oz Silver Australian Philharmonic Coins  

Available singularly or in Austrian Mint issued & sealed tubes of 20. The Austrian Mint’s Silver Philharmonic 1oz silver coin is the globally recognised official silver bullion coin of Austria_ and indeed synonymous with Europe as a whole.  As legal tender_ their weight and purity are guaranteed by the Austrian Government.

It is struck only in the one-troy ounce size_ which has a nominal face value of EUR1.50 and is guaranteed to contain one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver.  The silver coin depicts a harmonious assortment of musical instruments_ including a string bass, cello, violin, bassoon, harp and a Viennese horn on its reverse. The obverse of the coin shows the great organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, the orchestra’s home.

The Silver Philharmonic is the third most popular silver coin in the world with only the US Silver Eagle and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf selling more. 

An intriguing feature of the silver philharmonics are the smooth ‘unreeded’ edges. Most coins’ edges are reeded, slightly rough to touch. Historically, this design feature of coins was to stop people, and more often governments, from clipping the edges of coins. The clippings would be melted down to mint new coins, leading to an increase in the monetary supply. The Austrian Mint draws attention to this historical form of inflation with their silver coins being, ironically, unreeded. This doesn’t extend to the gold philharmonic however, which no one would dare clip.

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