Try Getting $469trillion into a $3trillion Space

Posted | 22/08/2018 / Views | 5768
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Very short and sweet today as sometimes a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  The infographic below maps the total global value of the 3 mainstream asset classes of property, bonds, and shares together with gold and silver combined.  Whilst the graphic was put together by SRSrocco it was off the back of a recent report by real estate giant Savills.  

Try Getting $469trillion into a $3trillion Space

As we have pointed out numerous times, ask yourself what happens when even the smallest amount of that $469 trillion runs for the $3.1 trillion of safe havens of gold and silver at the first signs of an economic crash?

The charts below show the Savills versions however SRSrocco corrected the Gold value of $7.6 trillion which includes gold simply not ‘on the market’ and added silver to complete the picture.  Regardless, $469t trying to get into $7.6t still doesn’t work.  You can’t print, create, or otherwise make more gold and silver.  They are hard and expensive to mine and most of that already mined is locked up in central bank vaults, jewellery, firms hands of the Chinese etc.  That only leave price as the variable…  Check out how small crypto is too…

Try Getting $469trillion into a $3trillion Space

Value growth in 2017…

Try Getting $469trillion into a $3trillion Space


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