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Running out of breadth… “weakest ever witnessed”

Posted | 23-Jul-2021 / Views | 959
Morgan Stanley’s chief equity strategist recently published a client note calling the current US sharemarket breadth "the weakest we have ever witnessed”.  Nothing since the bubble has come close to the current set up and he is predicting it will lead to a "material correction", one of many such calls around ... Read More...

Lessons from the 70’s and why now is different

Posted | 22-Jul-2021 / Views | 789
Older readers will remember the 70’s well.  It was a decade of extraordinary inflation and economic hardship.  Investopedia gives an excellent precis: “It's the 1970s, and the stock market is a mess. It has lost nearly 50% over a 20-month period, and for close to a decade few people want anything to do with stocks.?&n... Read More...

Double Win for Aussie Gold Investors

Posted | 21-Jul-2021 / Views | 1027
After the heavy losses on Wall Street on Monday night last night saw a bounce back to ‘normal’.  Move along, nothing to see here.  However there are growing concerns that this was the first warning sign of a market looking decidedly ‘toppy’ and without the safety net of corporate buybacks during the lockout of re... Read More...

Why Ainslie Crypto Storage?

Posted | 20-Jul-2021 / Views | 562
Bitcoin users have misplaced about 20% of all existing BTC, and unlike fiat currency which can potentially be recovered, it's highly unlikely that these tokens will be returned to circulation.  Ever. How can you ensure that you don’t become one of these unfortunate individuals? All cryptos (currencies and tokens) are stored in w... Read More...

QE “Fixes” Nothing

Posted | 19-Jul-2021 / Views | 868
The weekend saw another opinion piece in mainstream media with the headline “Australia’s inflation rate could skyrocket as US CPI rises”.  The article went on to outline much of what we have shared in previous weeks about US inflation taking off, how the US always leads and we will follow, and how that would see rates rise ... Read More...

Rick Rule – Platinum Supply Issues ahead

Posted | 16-Jul-2021 / Views | 841
Over the last couple of days we have shared excerpts from the excellent interview with commodities legend, Rick Rule (gold and silver) by Real Vision.  Today we finish off with his thoughts on platinum and then also share a recent demand update from the World Platinum Investment Council. Lets start off with the question put to Rule: &ldq... Read More...

Rick Rule – Why Silver will outperform

Posted | 15-Jul-2021 / Views | 1290
Yesterday we got commodities legend Rick Rule’s thoughts on gold and today we see what he thinks about silver.  But first we had more newsworthy market action overnight in Fed chair Powell testifying before Congress and getting grilled on their easy money policy amid surging inflation.  Powell steadfastly held his ground saying the ... Read More...

Rick Rule – Triple Gold Demand

Posted | 14-Jul-2021 / Views | 1305
Whilst today we share some excellent insight from Rick Rule, first the important context. Last night saw the 3rd red hot inflation print out of the US in a row.  Against expectations of 0.5% the US CPI jumped a whopping 0.9% just for the month of June, nearly double ‘expert’ expectations, its highest print since 2008, and up 5.4% f... Read More...

Bitcoin on Verge of Breakout?

Posted | 13-Jul-2021 / Views | 791
It has been an impressively quiet week in the crypto markets. Compressed prices alongside low volume indicate that we should see some significant action any day now. The direction this breakout moves will determine what the next few months will look like for BTC. The “quiet before the storm” is supported by various on-chain metrics in G... Read More...

Silver’s Uses Through the Ages

Posted | 12-Jul-2021 / Views | 876
Today we step aside from the financial “monetary precious metal” use case of silver and take a journey through time looking at silver’s use over the millenia courtesy of the guys from Visual Capitalist.  It is a salient reminder of silver’s dual use and value as monetary and industrial metal. “Silver Through th... Read More...

Goldman Sachs on Gold v Bitcoin – Defensive v Risk-On Safe Havens

Posted | 09-Jul-2021 / Views | 1345
We suggest today is a MUST READ.  Goldman Sach’s recent Commodities Research Group piece by Jeff Currie gives a very bullish analysis for the prospects of gold which (given it was written before this bounce) the last few days’ price action certainly reinforces. They also provide an insightful view on the gold v crypto debate wh... Read More...

13 Reasons Why – Inflation and the Fed Dilemma

Posted | 08-Jul-2021 / Views | 822
Last night the release of the Fed’s FOMC meeting minutes were generally in line with expectations however the language and actions of the committee is tilting toward the uncertainty around the economic recovery and the prospect of less ‘transitory’ inflation. In terms the robustness of the recovery, several members emphasised... Read More...

Central Banks Ramp Up Gold Buying

Posted | 07-Jul-2021 / Views | 983
One of the key underpinnings of gold’s intrinsic value and safe haven proposition is that it is a mainstay of most central bank’s reserves.  The irony is not lost but it is also telling that those ‘institutions’ that are debasing fiat currency at a record pace have also been net buyers of real money, gold, every year si... Read More...

Top 2 Crypto’s Getting Big Upgrades

Posted | 06-Jul-2021 / Views | 710
As the crypto market searches for a bottom, exciting upgrades for both BTC and ETH are just around the corner. With the potential for these upgrades to boost the market, let's jump in and understand what the upgrades are and why they are both significant steps in the right direction The BTC update known as "Schnorr/Taproot" consi... Read More...

“Unbalanced World” – What we mean

Posted | 05-Jul-2021 / Views | 780
We often write at length about all manner of macro and micro influences on the global and local economy and precious metals.  Experts, analysts and economists alike debate whether this or that factor will produce this or that outcome.  It’s a complicated space and hence why ‘experts’ can have such divergent views. &... Read More...

Will the RBA Need to Start QE?

Posted | 02-Jul-2021 / Views | 1393
  The RBA meets this coming Tuesday to decide on interest rates and their program of Yield Curve Control.  For an institution that has categorically said they don’t see rates rising until 2024, no one is expecting any change in rates next week.  They are also already basically at zero (0.1%) and have also categorically s... Read More...

Best time to buy Gold and Silver – Historic Seasonality says now

Posted | 01-Jul-2021 / Views | 1010
The start of a new financial year often sees investors reviewing their investment strategy for the year ahead.  The timing of such a review when considering gold and silver could not be better when it comes to the coincidence of the best time to enter each market from a seasonality perspective. Precious metals analyst Jeff Clark digs up all... Read More...

FY21 In Review

Posted | 30-Jun-2021 / Views | 886
For many, today marks the end of the financial year and a time to look back at how everything performed.  Its also a time to take stock of what might be the best place to be invested for the year ahead.  So let’s look back and forward. First, lets address the elephant in the room and that is the fact FY21 comprised half ‘th... Read More...

Bitcoin’s Next Price Cycle

Posted | 29-Jun-2021 / Views | 989
  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices have continued to track sideways over the last month and bitcoin is now down around 50% from its April peak. The price has made several attempts to break out of its current cycle, failing to establish clear higher highs and higher lows. The prices, up strongly over the last couple of days, appear to b... Read More...

Fed pedal to metal as PCE hits 30 yr high

Posted | 28-Jun-2021 / Views | 1072
Sick of hearing about inflation?  Got a firm view on whether it is transitory or ‘sticky’?  The reality is that it is both very important AND very hard to tell which way it will go.  There are very smart people on both sides of the inflation argument making compelling cases. On Friday we saw the latest print of the Fed... Read More...

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