A Turning Point for Shares?

Posted | 28/07/2015 / Views | 1352
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We are seeing a distinct change in 2 of the world’s biggest stock markets that may indicate the easy money game is no longer working.

Yesterday right toward the end of trade, the Shanghai Composite plunged nearly 8.5% in its biggest one day drop since the start of the GFC and second biggest in history.

A Turning Point for Shares?

In the US we are seeing the S&P500 break key resistance lines not broken since the post GFC rally began and looking like the formation of a down trend.  Note each time prior when there was a downturn it was reversed by the US Fed starting a new round of QE.  Funny that now it is happening again they are talking about RAISING rates… the opposite of previous stimulatory responses.  What could possibly go wrong?

A Turning Point for Shares?

Our Aussie All Ords seems to be on a similar path…

A Turning Point for Shares?

So there appears to be a choice between buying something at or just past its top, or buying something (say, gold and silver) that looks at or near its bottom...  

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