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Powell throws Biden under the Inflation Bus

Posted | 24-Jun-2022 / Views | 1181
In late May, Biden argued that the task of fighting price increases was the responsibility of the Federal Reserve. In what has now become an often quoted phrase, the President implored the public to maintain the independence of the Fed. “My plan is to address inflation. That starts with a simple proposition: respect the Fed, respect th... Read More...

Is 60/40 dead? The “new investing regime”

Posted | 23-Jun-2022 / Views | 1041
With 7 days left for the first half of this year, the S&P500 is posting its second worst H1 in history behind a little crash you may have heard of called the Great Depression.  Deutsche Bank just released its professional subscription update and put the -22.3% drop so far this year ahead of the 1962 -22% but still well behind 1932&rsqu... Read More...

RBA Jawboning & what a recession looks like

Posted | 22-Jun-2022 / Views | 1071
Yesterday we heard the RBA chief assure us "I don't see a recession on the horizon”.  As we have seen repeatedly since the GFC, central banks have deployed ‘words’ as much as rates and QE in an effort to control markets.  Commonly called ‘jawboning’, is that what Mr Lowe is trying on us, is it tr... Read More...

BTC Hunting For Max Pain

Posted | 21-Jun-2022 / Views | 909
The Bitcoin market has reeled from a massive deleveraging event this week, both in on-chain DeFi markets and off-chain as exchanges, lenders and hedge funds being rendered insolvent, illiquid or liquidated. The market sold off below 2017 US$20k ATH on 18-June, reaching a truly remarkable low of $17,708. Prices did, however, recover the $20k lev... Read More...

“wildly bullish” signal – best since May 2019

Posted | 20-Jun-2022 / Views | 1482
There are some analysts that think the only thing you need to look at to know where the price of gold and silver are going is the weekly Commitment of Traders report that presents all the positions of the big players on COMEX futures.  It just got wildly bullish… The big players are the Commercials which include the big bullion ban... Read More...

Same Signal as 70’s and 00’s – Gold Set to Soar

Posted | 17-Jun-2022 / Views | 1666
Another night of deep red on Wall Street last night and another night of gold and silver price strength in the face of it.  Markets were rocked by the surprise rate hike of 50bps by the Swiss National Bank but more particularly the expected sell off of their mountain of US shares, particularly the ultra vulnerable FAANGs they’ve gone h... Read More...

Recession the new ‘Transitory’

Posted | 16-Jun-2022 / Views | 1149
The US Fed has a new yarn to spin you.  After months and months of trying to convince the market that inflation was just ‘transitory’ despite all the data, Fed Chair Powell was last night, with a straight face, telling us: “There is no sign of a broader slowdown in the economy that I can see.”  Meeting market... Read More...

Japan on the precipice

Posted | 15-Jun-2022 / Views | 1329
The Japanese yen is down to 135 yen to the dollar from 127 earlier this month as the Yen is starting to crack. Against the US dollar, this is the weakest yen in 24 years. The Japanese central bank issued currency tumbled along with Japanese bonds and their stock market yesterday. This flies in the face of Kuroda’s usual talking points that a ... Read More...

The Deepest Phase of A Bear Market

Posted | 14-Jun-2022 / Views | 1669
With Bitcoin prices selling off to the low-US$20ks, a number of macro indicators suggests the market is entering the deepest phase of this bear cycle. Fundamentals have declined, and even Long-term Holders are now realising significant losses. These instances are rare and historically short-lived. Bitcoin and digital assets have experienced yet ... Read More...

When America Sneezes…

Posted | 13-Jun-2022 / Views | 2061
… the world catches the cold… is how the saying goes.  But what happens when the world is already sick?  Unless you live under a rock you will have seen the US CPI print on Friday night was a whopping 8.6%.  That was higher than expected and a new 40 year high. Watching gold react live and thereafter was an interesti... Read More...

More Turmoil in Markets – US CPI Tonight

Posted | 10-Jun-2022 / Views | 1556
The signs this tangled web of stagflationary high and increasingly sticky looking inflation, tumbling growth, and hawkish (tightening) central banks is fast approaching a second big capitulation in shares and property are growing. It was another heavy night of sharemarket falls across the board with the global MSCI down nearly 2% and the biggest, t... Read More...

Inflation Sees Declining Living Standards for Britons

Posted | 09-Jun-2022 / Views | 1409
Six million British households are set to experience power cuts as the Government plans electricity rationing this winter. Government modelling of a ‘reasonable’ worst case scenario where Russia cuts off all gas supplies would see gas-fired power stations limited. The end result would be outages during the morning and evening peaks. Coa... Read More...

Stagflation Road Ahead for Australia

Posted | 08-Jun-2022 / Views | 2433
Stagflation Road Ahead for Australia Old news now but let’s talk about the implications of that surprise 50bps RBA rate increase yesterday. That it happened on the same day the World Bank dramatically downgraded global growth and openly conceded stagflation, is a reality that cannot be ignored. For the first time since 2000 the RBA hike... Read More...

2 BTC Charts Prove Historical Macro Lows

Posted | 07-Jun-2022 / Views | 1130
With prices trading at the lower end of the 2021-22 cycle range, the vast majority of buyers from the last 17-months are now holding unrealised losses. Among all models mapping the value zones in the Bitcoin market, two simple but powerful indicators tell a clear macro story; the Mayer Multiple and Realised Price. The Mayer Multiple is an oscill... Read More...

Gold & Silver Prospects in 6 Charts

Posted | 06-Jun-2022 / Views | 1438
Its Monday morning so lets keep the words to a minimum and check out some compelling charts for gold and silver. First, that cup & handle formation we keep banging on about just gets better and better… On Friday night we saw more red on the S&P500, down another 1.6% tellingly because the NFP payrolls, whilst weaker, was... Read More...

Czech Republic to boost gold reserves 1,000%

Posted | 03-Jun-2022 / Views | 2599
The Czech Central Bank has announced that it will raise holdings to over 100 tonnes from the current 11 tonnes. This still only represents 0.3% of the Czech National Bank’s assets. They join a growing cohort of Europeans nations repatriating or purchasing gold at a rapid rate. Hungary and Poland have increased their gold reserves as a percent... Read More...

“Capex Lead Inflation & the Fed Trap”

Posted | 02-Jun-2022 / Views | 1509
Yesterday we presented the first of a 2 part review of Crescat Capital’s latest research letter that presents a counter position to that presented by Raoul Pal and others on Monday. Yesterday spoke to how grotesquely overvalued US equities still are except for commodities.  Today we look at the $300 trillion question of whether inflation... Read More...

“Too Soon to Buy the Dip, Unless It’s Commodities”

Posted | 01-Jun-2022 / Views | 1720
The reason our mantra is “Balance your wealth in an unbalanced world” is because in such unprecedented times it should be expected that experts can have such divergent theses on ‘what’s next’. On Monday we spoke to the thesis of Raoul Pal and others that the US is quickly heading into a recession, markets will tank... Read More...

Accumulation Behaviour in BTC Strengthens

Posted | 31-May-2022 / Views | 1374
In the aftermath of the sell-off in early May, a noteworthy shift in accumulation trends for BTC is underway. The Bitcoin HODLer class remain the only ones left; however, their accumulation behaviour signals a doubling down as prices correct below US$30k. Bitcoin prices continued to consolidate this week, after initial signs of a potential decou... Read More...

“Buy every commodity you can find” - Rabobank

Posted | 30-May-2022 / Views | 1885
There are conflicting views amongst experts around where this unprecedented economic setup ends. Much of the market is sitting on its hands unsure as to what to. Ray Dalio last week reminded us that ‘cash is trash’ so where does one invest now? Listening to a couple of interviews over the weekend, one clear view expressed by Raou... Read More...

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