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Silver Demand Increasing With New Solar Tech

Posted | 12-Aug-2022 / Views | 716
Overall global solar panel production has been growing over the last 10 years while the actual amount of silver in each panel is set to increase. A number of major technological changes on the horizon are set to kick industrial silver demand into overdrive. With silver being the single most conductive metal on the planet, solar panels efficienc... Read More...

CPI Market Surge – Sticky or Transitory?

Posted | 11-Aug-2022 / Views | 744
Last night’s US CPI print came in at a softer than expected 8.5% (8.7% expected), down from that 40 year high 9.1% last month.  The market’s reaction was strong, with shares, crypto and gold surging and the USD tanking and maybe best captured by the following meme.. Looking for any signal for a Fed pivot, the market odds for... Read More...

Goldilocks & the 3 Debt Solutions

Posted | 10-Aug-2022 / Views | 854
The world is sitting on an unprecedented amount of debt.  There are only 3 ways to reduce debt. You can to pay it off through increased ‘profits’ or productivity at a sovereign level, write it off (pretty much impossible at a sovereign level – particularly if you are the worlds reserve currency and need ‘faith’ pr... Read More...

Everything You Need to Know About the ETH Merge

Posted | 09-Aug-2022 / Views | 850
“The Merge” represents the joining of the existing execution layer of Ethereum (the Mainnet we use today) with its new proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus layer, the Beacon Chain. It eliminates the need for energy-intensive mining and instead secures the network using staked ETH. Before diving into what the merge is, it’s essential ... Read More...

US Jobs Give Green Light to Hard Landing

Posted | 08-Aug-2022 / Views | 987
US markets were shocked Friday night our time when the NFP employment figures we discussed on Friday came in at literally more than double the expected headline print with 528,000 new jobs added in July and the unemployment rate dropping to 3.5% from 3.6% and wages rising to 5.2% annualised.  And so in our ‘good news is bad news’ f... Read More...

Insiders & Funds Sell to Retail ‘Mums & Dads’

Posted | 05-Aug-2022 / Views | 1727
Markets were cautious last night with equities essentially flat after recent rallies on growing concerns that central banks will indeed keep hiking into what is becoming an increasing risk of recession around the world.  The Bank of England last night hiked rates for a 6th consecutive meeting by 50bps up to 1.75%, the biggest single hike in... Read More...

African Nations Moving to Gold

Posted | 04-Aug-2022 / Views | 4919
Zimbabwe has begun issuing 1oz (22-carat) gold coins as legal tender to be cashed in, used for trade, transactions, and as a security for loans. 1,500 coins were released on 25 July), and there are a further 2,000 in the pipeline. The coins hold unique serial numbers printed onto the bar and are called ‘Mosi-Oa-Tunya’, which means &... Read More...

Trifecta for Gold

Posted | 03-Aug-2022 / Views | 1667
If you had to pick 3 things that drive the gold price many would say inflation hedge, safe haven in economic turmoil, and war.  As we sit here today, 3 August 2022, the headlines are screaming all 3. Each is not a simple nor certain proposition and each could have books written to break them down right now. But it is a time to briefly addr... Read More...

Is Crypto Demand Increasing?

Posted | 02-Aug-2022 / Views | 1059
The performance of the digital asset market in the first half of 2022 has been remarkably challenging for investors, seeing BTC prices trade down 75% from the all-time-high, and ETH down over 80%. June, in particular, was one of the worst months on record for both assets: Bitcoin traded down -37.9% in June which is the worst monthly perfo... Read More...

WGC Gold Demand Q2 2022

Posted | 01-Aug-2022 / Views | 1591
The World Gold Council’s quarterly Demand Trends report for Q2 2022 have just been released and as usual we summarise for you.  Overall Despite Q2 weakness, strong first quarter ETF inflows fuelled a notable H1 recovery. Gold demand (excluding OTC) was 8% lower y-o-y at 948t. Combined with Q1 this took H1 demand to 2,189t, up 12... Read More...

Silver Surges on “not recession” recession

Posted | 29-Jul-2022 / Views | 1977
Apparently a recession is no longer the quantitative measure of two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth as the US just printed last night with a -0.9% GDP print for Q2 (after the -1.6% print for Q1).  No, apparently it can be the qualitative measure of ‘the vibe’ from a group of academics at the National Bureau of Economic ... Read More...

Fed Raises 75bps – What next?

Posted | 28-Jul-2022 / Views | 3120
As we discussed in the lead up yesterday, last night saw the much anticipated US Fed meeting and whilst they raised rates by 75bps for the second month in a row as widely expected, it was what the accompanying statement and Chair Powell said afterwards that saw big moves in markets last night. Were they premature? In what feels very much like a ... Read More...

Why IMF says we’re “teetering on the edge”

Posted | 27-Jul-2022 / Views | 1533
Right on cue for the so called, and much anticipated, “Fed Week” where the market is on tenterhooks on just how much the US Fed will raise rates tonight, the IMF lobbed in a hand grenade last night stating the world economy is “in a very critical moment here”.  Today of course also sees our own inflation figures release... Read More...

Relief Hits The Crypto Market

Posted | 26-Jul-2022 / Views | 1145
After a month of consolidation, Bitcoin prices experienced a long-awaited relief rally, closing 9% above the weekly open. Price action opened at US$20,781, and rallied to a peak of $24,179 before pulling back towards the highs of the consolidation range over the weekend. With the market valuation of Bitcoin falling over 75% in 2022, speculat... Read More...

Both US & Euro Recession Dead Ahead

Posted | 25-Jul-2022 / Views | 1761
S&P Global Market Intelligence just released both their Euro and US PMI’s and at the time that both central banks are tightening monetary policy, both of two of the worlds largest economies are showing clear signs of heading into a recession. We’ve discussed the ECB (here) and US Fed (here) tightening monetary policy after the &l... Read More...

Euro ‘whatever it takes’ Phase 2

Posted | 22-Jul-2022 / Views | 1703
Markets were shocked last night when the European Central Bank (ECB) raised rates by 50bps not the consensus 25bps.  To be clear now, that raised their deposit rate immediately and all the way up to….zero. Whilst the first hike in 11 years and largest hike since 2000 saw the EUR surge off parity with the USD what happened next is ar... Read More...

Top 20 Gold Producing Countries and Gold Outlook

Posted | 21-Jul-2022 / Views | 1545
London-based consulting group Metals Focus have released their 2022 Gold Focus report which assesses global gold production over the past year. 2021 saw a 3% overall increase in mining output from 2020 to 2021. The group is predicting only 1.7% increase in the present year. Present levels are still just below 2019 levels despite the spot price ... Read More...

RBA’s Housing Wrecking Ball

Posted | 20-Jul-2022 / Views | 2695
At a time when the Government is announcing an enquiry into the RBA we are seeing a stark contrast between their view of the world and that of the country’s largest mortgage provider and questions around the impact now before us of statements like “we will not be raising rates before 2024”.  So lets see how that is playin... Read More...

What Does a Bottom Formation Look Like?

Posted | 19-Jul-2022 / Views | 1458
The Bitcoin market caught a breath of upwards relief this week, rallying from US$18,999 to the upper end of the consolidation range at $21,596. This follows a volatile response across markets early in the week, as US headline CPI inflation hit a forty-year high of 9.1%. There is also a challenging backdrop of growing civil unrest, rising ener... Read More...

BRICS expansion on USD Wrecking Ball

Posted | 18-Jul-2022 / Views | 1952
Last week we spoke to the global ‘wrecking ball’ that is the surging USD amid record debt, rapidly weakening growth and supply chain issues seeing the US effectively exporting inflation around the world. As a reminder of context, you will see below that the US equates to around 25% of the now $104 trillion global economy. Whilst you ... Read More...

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