Buying Bitcoin

Ainslie provides a simple and secure way to buy crypto (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin & Ripple) for first time investors, existing wallet holders and even those who want to invest in crypto (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin & Ripple) but don’t want to manage their own wallet.  You can buy in store, by phone or on-line in our webshop.


The key differences in buying from Ainslie are: 

1. Its one of the only human to human ways to securely buy crypto currencies, accepting cash, card, or bank deposit.

2. We produce and load your wallet completely off line.  An un-hackable 'Ainslie Crypto Wallet'. (see video below).  Alternatively we can provide a hardware wallet device.

3. During business hours you get to lock your price immediately and then pay.  On crypto exchanges you deposit, wait, and then buy, subject to market changes and limits.

4. We offer a storage account option where we do it all for you.

5. We make the whole experience Safe and Easy.

Click here to see our Cryptocurrency products available for purchase.

First time buyers

Come in to our store and we will produce a brand new, completely off line, crypto wallet for you.  We give you a neat Ainslie Crypto Wallet and a copy on a USB memory stick.  We create and load your wallet right in front of you and show you how to check the balance.

We do all of this on a secure laptop that has never been connected to the web and attached to a dedicated printer that also has never been connected to the web.  The laptop is also installed with a hardware RNG that creates your unique wallet, again, all offline.

Alternatively you may wish to purchase a Ledge Nano S hardware wallet device for added protection and transactional versatility.

For your peace of mind we provide an invoice showing full payment and a copy your public / shared address included on the invoice.  This means you don't need to hang around waiting for confirmations.  It also means that future orders can be done without coming into our office as you can just provide your invoice number and we can load more into the same wallet address.  Its a neat link between your wallet and invoice for auditing purposes too.

Our office is a secure area and we require photo ID to enter.  For sales of more than $5000 we will need to keep a record of this ID showing both your name and date of birth and/or address for AUSTRAC purposes.

Payment options include cash, credit card (a surcharge applies), or if you bank with Westpac, Commbank, ANZ or Suncorp, we can give you an invoice for payment, you visit one of those banks you have an account with (they are all very close) and have them transfer into our corresponding account.  We will see it straight away and you get to walk away with your loaded crypto wallet.

You will receive a final invoice for your records of your purchase.

Please note there is a $2,000 minimum transaction per crypto currency with Ainslie.  Web or phone orders will not allow delivery of your wallet, you must be present as we produce a new one in front of you.

Once you have your loaded Crypto Wallet you may want to consider storing it at Reserve Vault in your own safe deposit box to protect it from theft, fire and flood. Visit here for more info.

Web orders

You can buy crypto (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin & Ripple) online through our webshop just like you can with bullion.  Simply go to Buy Bitcoin in the webshop, add to cart, and adjust the amount of Aussie dollars you wish to spend (ensuring it equates to more than $2,000 and is no more than $50,000).  Confirm your order, enter your personal details, pay a 10% deposit with your credit card (no surcharge applies), and we will receive your order.  If this is within our business hours of 9am to 4pm AEST Monday to Friday you will get an emailed invoice soon afterwards for payment of the balance at the rate locked at the time of the order.  If you are ordering outside of business hours (9am - 4pm Mon-Fri AEST excl public holidays), your AUD amount is locked in but the BTC or ETH or LTC or XRP / AUD rate will be per our published rate at 9am AEST on the next business day.

Full payment must be made on the same day you receive the invoice.  Options for payment include -

  • Bank transfer / deposit
  • BPay
  • Credit/Debit Card (surcharge applies - see FAQ)
  • Cash (paid in store)

At this stage you will be asked to send us a certified copy of your Photo ID for verification. This request and form will be sent to you via email and we ask that you check your junk mail if not received straight after purchase. This photo ID verification is required for all purchases over $5000.  Alternatively you can download the ID form here and email of fax it in.  Note - if you are a first time buyer getting a new wallet or coming in to pay cash, just bring your ID then (no need to post).

If you are getting a new Ainslie Crypto Wallets you need to come in and watch us do that and you need to come in within 10 businss days of your purchase.  Fees will apply if it is later than 10 days.

For existing wallets, we will also ask you to send us your crypto wallet address or QR code.  If you are topping up an Ainslie Cypto Wallet all we need is your last invoice number and we can do the rest.

Once your funds and ID (if required) have been received we will transfer the Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Ripple to the wallet address you provide.  We undertake to pay fees in line with Priority payment transaction times.

Please note there is a $2,000 minimum transaction per cyrpto currency with Ainslie and a $50,000 maximum on-line.

Phone Orders

If you are not comfortable using the internet you can simply call us between 9am and 4pm weekdays on 1800 819 474 and we will take your order over the phone.  Thereafter it is the same as the web order process just described above.  If you wish to order more than $50,000 you can call to request also.

Ainslie Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin & Ripple Storage Accounts

Just like an Ainslie Bullion Storage account an Ainslie Crypto Storage Account allows you to leave all the work and security to us, allows you to remotely manage your transactions, and have a ready and robust account statement to keep accountants and SMSF auditors happy.  This is how we do it…

  • We create new ‘paper’ wallets completely off line as described above.
  • Using a scanner we record the public/shared address for each.  At no stage is an electronic copy of the Private Key made or the Private Key accessible online.
  • We transfer these ‘empty’ wallets to Reserve Vault and lock them away in a safe
  • A second copy is kept in a separate secure safe
  • When you open your account we allocate you to one of these already secure wallets and transfer the amount of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin or Ripple purchased into that wallet.   No wallet is ever reused.
  • We provide you with a certificate of holding (again much like the bullion storage) and of course an invoice for your purchase.
  • You can add to your account any time on line or by phone or email.
  • You can sell all or part of your holding at any time within business hours.
  • We settle sales immediately to your bank account or cash payment.
  • Come tax time or SMSF audit time, we can provide your accountant or auditor a statement of current holdings, removing much of the ‘opaqueness’ problematic of private, uncontrolled accounts.
  • We do charge a 2.5% management fee on any transaction but do not charge a ‘holding fee’ as such.  
  • There is $5,000 minimum transaction requirement per currency for storage accounts - buying or selling.

Download the Ainslie Storage form.

It’s crypto currency made simple and secure!


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