Just like an Ainslie Bullion Storage account an Ainslie Crypto Storage Account allows you to leave all the work and security to us, allows you to remotely manage your transactions, and have a ready and robust account statement to keep accountants and SMSF auditors happy. This is how we do it…

  • We create new ‘paper’ wallets completely off line as described here.
  • Using a scanner we record the public/shared address for each. At no stage is an electronic copy of the Private Key made or the Private Key accessible online.
  • We transfer these ‘empty’ wallets to Reserve Vault and lock them away in a safe
  • A second copy is kept in a separate secure safe
  • When you open your account we allocate you to one of these already secure wallets and transfer the amount of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash & Ripple purchased into that wallet. No wallet is ever reused.
  • We provide you with a certificate of holding (again much like the bullion storage) and of course an invoice for your purchase.
  • You can add to your account any time on line or by phone or email.
  • You can sell all or part of your holding at any time within business hours.
  • We settle sales immediately to your bank account or cash payment.
  • Come tax time or SMSF audit time, we can provide your accountant or auditor a statement of current holdings, removing much of the ‘opaqueness’ problematic of private, uncontrolled accounts.
  • We charge a 2.5% management fee on any transaction but do not charge a ‘holding fee’ as such.
  • There is $5,000 minimum transaction requirement per currency for storage accounts - buying or selling.

Download the Ainslie Storage form.

It’s crypto currency made simple and secure!

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