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LBMA Admits “matter of weeks” silver supply

Posted | 16-Apr-2021 / Views | 2256
In a surprising move amid so many signs of supply distress in the silver market, the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) have just released their first ever Silver Investment Report.  That the report admits to London nearly ‘running out of silver’ and acknowledging the effects of the #silversqueeze movement is even more re... Read More...

Record Leverage & Archegos – The House of Cards

Posted | 15-Apr-2021 / Views | 672
Yesterday we spoke to the explosion of inflation in assets off the back of near free money on offer and Fed Chair Powell’s reiteration on 60 Minutes that he will let inflation run before stepping in to change that.  Arguably none more than the US sharemarket has benefitted from this debt fuelled largesse.  The official figures (as... Read More...

Silver Jumps On Inflation Surge

Posted | 14-Apr-2021 / Views | 1121
There remains a lot of talk about whether or not we are going to get high inflation from analysts to mum and dad investors.  The reality is, however, that high inflation is already here, it’s just being masked by official ‘CPI’ figures that have a basket of goods selected and manipulated by Governments together with decade ... Read More...

Bitcoin Reaching For All-Time High

Posted | 13-Apr-2021 / Views | 509
In the past week, we have seen BTC test $61800 USD multiple times on its journey back to all-time highs. With future contract rates rocketing over the weekend, altcoins rallying and general sentiment being positive, it appears to be a matter of time before the king of cryptos starts printing new highs again. Bitcoin rose to $61,229 US, the h... Read More...

Silver miners holding back production

Posted | 12-Apr-2021 / Views | 1004
In a press release to investors released late last week, Endeavour Silver (NYSE: EXK) announced their updated production results and that the company is now holding back almost half of all silver mined. In Q1 2021, they produced a total of 1,048,100oz, sold 623,379oz, leaving the balance of 523,235oz in treasury in anticipation of higher future s... Read More...

Krugerrands: The Iconic Vanguard

Posted | 09-Apr-2021 / Views | 1059
Krugerrands produced by the South African Mint have a certain lustre amongst metals investors due their pervasiveness throughout the bull market of the 1970s. They were introduced in 1967 to promote gold exports from their burgeoning mining industry, and enable everyday South Africans to invest in gold apart from the British gold sovereigns. ... Read More...

Communicating the Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies and Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Posted | 08-Apr-2021 / Views | 792
At a blockchain meetup last week, where all participants were already involved in the space, the question from the floor was: ‘What is the value of Bitcoin if all we can do is send it from one wallet to another?’ The speakers spoke about the scarcity of Bitcoin and the trust people have in it, but that didn’t really answer the... Read More...

Does Gold and Silver crash with the rest of the market?

Posted | 07-Apr-2021 / Views | 1206
As stock markets remain disconnected from national economies, many investors are nervously looking for safety in the event of a stock market meltdown, otherwise known as a “major liquidity event”. While the latter description may look like a euphemism, the key word is “liquidity”. This is because when major funds and priva... Read More...

Crypto Volatility Picks Back Up – ETH All-Time High, BTC Over 60k US

Posted | 06-Apr-2021 / Views | 716
After what is a prolonged period of price stability (at least in the crypto world), we saw Bitcoin break 60k (USD) and Ether set a new all-time high before both drew back down over the weekend. Let's delve into what's going on in the space and what is driving the latest price movements. The Bitcoin price hit highs of just over $60,000 ... Read More...

Biden’s Inflation Plan ‘not tinkering around edges’

Posted | 01-Apr-2021 / Views | 1296
Both gold and silver surged last night with gold up $45 (2%) and silver up 86c (2.7%).  Ostensibly this was driven on inflation trades on the back of Biden introducing his $2.25 trillion “American Jobs Plan,” infrastructure stimulus package.  However it can’t be ignored that we have now passed the March delivery on COMEX... Read More...

Platinum’s Fundamentals Remain Strong

Posted | 31-Mar-2021 / Views | 527
After a major breakout early in March, Platinum has pulled back from psychological resistance at US$1,200 in a healthy consolidating move. The white metal has continued to trade above US$1,160 over the last week reflecting strong support even after a major breakout.  With the rise of EVs and autocatalysts capable of reducing emissions, ... Read More...

THETA Up 18000% In The Last Year

Posted | 30-Mar-2021 / Views | 1152
THETA, the native token of the Theta Network (a sharing economy video delivery network) has been going ballistic this year. Since the beginning of the year, it has increased almost 6-fold. From a year ago, THETA is up a staggering 18,000%. The question is how? Let’s dive into why the market is so excited about THETA… Theta is a bloc... Read More...

“The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem”

Posted | 29-Mar-2021 / Views | 1240
As we sit here amongst the highest global debt pile in history there as yet appears no solution in sight.  We often remind readers there are just 3 ways to deal with such a pile of debt… 1. Pay it off with increased economic growth and taxes, 2. Inflate it away with increased inflation, or 3. Default. Such is the sheer magnitude of t... Read More...

Ray Dalio Warns of Increased Debt Monetisation

Posted | 26-Mar-2021 / Views | 1666
Speaking to Bloomberg (20/3/2021), Ray Dalio (head of the world’s largest hedge fund) argues that we have entered the later part of the long-term debt cycle because: “We see the need to distribute, and produce, a lot of debt. Where did those cheques come from? They came from the government, the government wrote the cheques. But the g... Read More...

The Downside of Globalisation

Posted | 25-Mar-2021 / Views | 943
Globalisation has been a key economic trend of the last few decades.  Never before has the world been so interconnected economically and as COVD painfully revealed, nor have supply chains of essential services been so reliant on off shore suppliers and international freight lines.  Such interdependence means a shock or break anywhere in t... Read More...

1 Year Since the Crash – Silver Lining

Posted | 24-Mar-2021 / Views | 1087
Incredibly it is already 1 year ago that sharemarkets bottomed in the COVID crash.  Amid all the unprecedented statistics of GDP plummeting and job losses, few would have predicted one of the fastest and strongest recoveries in share prices since – but that’s what has happened. The chart below lists all the main US sharemarket i... Read More...

NFT’s - Crypto’s Latest Trend

Posted | 23-Mar-2021 / Views | 943
Recently NFT’s have been creating a lot of hype. The new ‘unique’ digital assets have created a buzz after several have sold with mind-boggling price tags – this morning Jack Dorsey's (Twitter CEO) first tweet sold for US $2.9M. What does that even mean? Let's break it down further… What is an NFT? NFT s... Read More...

No Way Out

Posted | 22-Mar-2021 / Views | 1319
No Way Out The following 2 charts paint a picture of the battle between a market inflated by easy, cheap money versus reality and the looming inflation that appears an inevitable outcome of that same easy money. The Fed is stuck in the middle and there appears no easy way out. Simon Black, as usual, puts the current predicament of thi... Read More...

Silver Production Yields Tumble

Posted | 19-Mar-2021 / Views | 1972
This week was notable for the Fed committing to continue printing USD hand over fist and keeping rates at zero to promote borrowing hand over fist (with borrowing seeing banks ‘creating’ even more money supply again through fractional reserve expansion).  At home the RBA is doing the same.  It is therefore a very real stark co... Read More...

Fed Keeps Pedal to Metal

Posted | 18-Mar-2021 / Views | 972
As discussed yesterday, last night we saw the much anticipated March meeting of the US Federal Reserve, the first coinciding with the anniversary of the COVID crisis that saw them unleash unprecedented easy monetary policy and the first since yields in US Treasuries started rising materially.  As the Bloomberg headlines says this morning &ldqu... Read More...