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Honey They Shrunk the Aussie Dollar

Posted | 08-Dec-2021 / Views | 618
As we wrote earlier this week the AUD has been on a bumpy slide ever since June, and with earnest down to a 60 handle this week from the beginning of November.   Yesterday saw a reversal on the back of the news that China’s central bank cut their RRR (reserve requirement ratio) for banks by 0.5% and so unleashing $188b of liquidit... Read More...

Bitcoin - has 2022 changed everything?

Posted | 07-Dec-2021 / Views | 724
Bitcoin has taken a sizeable hit this last week, down 20% at its worst from the USD57,000 it held through late November, early December to USD47,000 and currently rallying and back to USD50,800 at the time of writing. Zooming out a little to that high of USDS68,600 in mid November and the correction looks all the more sizeable but notably no... Read More...

AUD hits 60 handle – more to come?

Posted | 06-Dec-2021 / Views | 990
Friday night saw the latest NFP employment figures out of the US and whilst it was a big miss in the number of newly employed at just 210,000 the unemployment rate dropped as participation remains stubbornly low.  This has experts wondering if the participation rate has been structurally changed by COVD. From Credit Agricole: &... Read More...

Its not just supply chains! Why inflation is at both ends

Posted | 03-Dec-2021 / Views | 1162
As we wrote on Wednesday, even Fed Chair Jerome ‘Transitory’ Powell is conceding this inflation set up is anything but transitory.  The problem is they are still citing ‘supply chain issues’ as the key driver but the evidence on the demand side is just as compelling. Global Macro Monitor had this to say: &ldqu... Read More...

Silver Supply Demand Fundamentals

Posted | 02-Dec-2021 / Views | 943
Silver remains in a long term structural supply-demand deficit with an expected silver mine deficit of 461 million ounces in 2021. With the total physical demand for the year to come in at 1290 million oz and global mine production flagged for 829 million, fundamentals point to a supply crunch.  For the most part, silver supply doesn’... Read More...

Bye bye “transitory” hello “End Game”

Posted | 01-Dec-2021 / Views | 1335
Yesterday afternoon saw market turmoil that simultaneously saw S&P500 futures with a big red candle and gold with a big green one.  Fear is back.  Fed chair Jerome Powell, before the Senate Banking Committee, essentially conceded on his policy error and earlier Moderna CEO and other senior execs warned that current vaccines would ... Read More...

The Final Dip?

Posted | 30-Nov-2021 / Views | 912
The market continues to drawdown this week, despite Short- and Long-Term investors holding more profitable supply than the recent correction in September. Bitcoin traded lower this week, alongside weakness across many traditional assets, largely due to renewed concerns over new virus variants. Bitcoin's price opened at a high of $59,339 US ... Read More...

A Fascinating Journey – How we got here and what to do.

Posted | 29-Nov-2021 / Views | 1198
The following Tweet on Saturday whilst with a Bitcoin ending is just as applicable and bullish for gold and silver.  Its about money and it is a fantastic journey through history that everyone should read.  We don’t know or implicitly endorse the author, but to be fair he largely drew from an interview with Roaul Pal who we do... Read More...

Gold Price – Why the correction & where to from here?

Posted | 26-Nov-2021 / Views | 1573
Gold has had a wild old ride over the last month, surging to highs not seen in a year before falling back to August levels over the last week. Today we look at why and where to from here? The biggest fall came mid this week when President Biden nominated Jerome Powell to continue for 4 more years as chair of the US Federal Reserve rather tha... Read More...

Turkey and Venezuela turn to gold

Posted | 25-Nov-2021 / Views | 1207
Gold is going parabolic in Turkey just as the citizens of Venezuela turn to flakes of gold to pay for goods and services. Yesterday, the Turkish Lira fell to a historic low in USD terms, as annual inflation now nears 20%. They aren’t the only two inflation hot-spots, with threats of “super-inflation” brewing across the globe.&... Read More...

Central Banks Buying Gold – Don’t Do As I Do, Do as I Say

Posted | 24-Nov-2021 / Views | 1436
Sovereign states are again piling into gold.  The world’s central banks net bought 393 tonne of gold in the first 3 quarters of this year, more than all of the full year’s 255 tonne bought in 2020.  Early signs are that this trend of growth will continue in Q4.  As we reported in the World Gold Council Q3 Demands Repo... Read More...

Are You Buying The Dip?

Posted | 23-Nov-2021 / Views | 1358
The Bitcoin price tumbled this week from a high of $66,281 to a low of $55,705, rattling a previously quiet and bullish run-in price action. While price stays pinned below new highs and sentiment remains scattered, Bitcoin's stakeholders are actively adjusting to new market information. This has shown up as a recent shifting of coin distrib... Read More...

$200m Payday for CFTC Whistleblower

Posted | 22-Nov-2021 / Views | 1125
The CFTC, US commodities watchdog, has announced a $200 million payday for a whistleblower who provided significant contributions to ‘enforcement actions that have resulted in monetary sanctions totalling more than $3 billion. Given that the largest (known) CFTC fine was JP Morgan for $920 million for manipulating precious metals markets,... Read More...

Return OF Capital v Return ON capital

Posted | 19-Nov-2021 / Views | 1351
Anyone currently actively looking at financial and property markets with any sort of ‘logic filter’ is often left scratching their heads. How can we be seeing such sky high valuations in a fundamentally tepid economy and amid concerningly strong inflation?? The answer is simple – the free money environment is forcing investors the... Read More...

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade Takes Hold

Posted | 18-Nov-2021 / Views | 1028
Bitcoin just got better! Block 709,632 was officially the first Bitcoin block mined with the new Taproot upgrade. This marks the first upgrade since 2017 which saw both the “soft fork” Segregated Witness as well as a “hard fork” which led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. Let’s take a dive in and see what this upgra... Read More...

RBA’s own ‘policy error’ comes home to roost

Posted | 17-Nov-2021 / Views | 1424
It is becoming increasingly hard for ‘believests’ to ignore what is so clearly coming in The Lucky Country and that directly correlates with Ainslie being increasingly busy with people buying up bullion and crypto to protect themselves. Westpac just raised its rates on fixed rate mortgages for the 3rd time this month (!) whilst 1... Read More...

BTC Finding Support at All-Time Highs

Posted | 16-Nov-2021 / Views | 1505
The Bitcoin market pushed to yet another ATH last week, peaking at $68,742 US, before pulling back to a low of $62,401. The market is currently consolidating, having held onto the majority of the gains and finding support at this new altitude. This week also saw the activation of the Bitcoin Taproot upgrade, a remarkable achievement for the netwo... Read More...

Mainstream narrative turning on The Fed

Posted | 15-Nov-2021 / Views | 1078
Last week's “surprise” inflation numbers rippled through the mainstream financial media. While precious metals investors have seen this coming since QE1, the last few weeks have seen growing murmurs coming from traditional media that are now gathering consensus. Tasked with controlling inflation, the Federal Reserve has been hai... Read More...

MUST READ – Paying for Easy Money – The US Fiscal Ponzi Scheme

Posted | 12-Nov-2021 / Views | 1600
So what’s the best thing you could do to ease multi-decade-high inflationary pressures and record high ($29 trillion + $159 trillion unfunded) debt burdens if you were the US Government? Approve a $1 trillion deficit funded infrastructure plan of course!  This week saw exactly that happen and on Monday Joe Biden will sign the largest... Read More...

40 Year High CPI is only the headline – What this really means for gold

Posted | 11-Nov-2021 / Views | 2927
Gold, silver and platinum all had very strong nights last night up 1.8%, 2.3% and 1.4% respectively as October’s US Consumer Price Index (CPI) print came in at a red hot 40 year high 6.2% and the Core CPI at 4.6%, its highest since 1990. This of course comes off the back of yesterday’s roaring PPI print as well as a 26 year high Chinese... Read More...