Now is the time to buy! – Quote of the Week

Posted | 06/11/2014 / Views | 3107
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Avi Gilbert is a renowned technical chart analyst.  Whilst not everyone will like what he has to say, he has picked this market with surprising accuracy and per the quote below is saying we are nearly at the low and you should start buying your physical gold and especially silver now.  Though not captured below, even as a ‘trader’, he is repeatedly on record saying you should buy physical metal not ETF’s, being very critical of the ‘security’ of these paper instruments.  Forgive the technical jargon below but the message is clear…

“Based upon the larger degree count, the majority of this 3+-year decline is just about completed, as we are left with a series of 4's and 5's, to be completed over the next two to three months.  So, get your shopping lists in order, as the metals are now on sale.  And, it is coming at a time when sentiment on metals is in the absolute toilet.  Some sentiment matrices are even suggestive that it is worse now than at the 2008 lows, which would make sense from a wave perspective, as I am expecting a larger degree 3rd wave to begin off the lows we make in the metals over the next few months, which should last for many years to come.

 As a warning, I want everyone who is serious about this market from a long term perspective to understand that even though I have been right about this decline, and have been right about the count, it does not mean that I will always be right.  I can clearly be wrong, and the potential exists that the next lows we make MAY be the final lows in this long-term correction.  While my count and expectations are still that we will see a wave IV rally before those final lows are made into the end of the year, I want anyone who is serious about the long term prospects of this market to begin scaling into long term positions.  As I have said many times before on my daily Live Video, anyone that is not taking the opportunity to load up on silver when it is below $17 is not considering the long-term opportunity before them, at least in my humble opinion.”

Per yesterday’s article, be careful trying to pick the absolute bottom as you may find purchasing on the other side of it difficult in the rush…