Maples to hit all time record sales

Posted | 03/12/2013 / Views | 1639
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As we near the end of 2013 we’ve already seen US Eagle coins break all time sales records.  What we’ve just seen too is that both Silver and Gold Canadian Maple coins have already decimated 2012 YTD figures by 54% (19.7m) and 85% (867K) respectively.  On trend both will exceed the previous all time record set in 2011.  Takeaways? – Sales of REAL money (gold and silver, not tin) are at record highs despite the “bear market”.  Paper trades suppress the price affording rampant cheap buying of physical gold and silver.  867k gold sales to 19.7m silver sales is a ratio of 1:23 by number, 3:1 by value yet we have a price ratio currently of over 63:1 – people can see the relative value in silver.