John Clarke on Finance

Posted | 11/04/2017 / Views | 4288
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Yesterday we lost a satiric genius in John Clarke.  We write of very serious topics every day and unfortunately not often very ‘cheery’… John had a way of cutting to the core of an issue but with an unrivalled humour.  Here are some of his best takes on the economic issues we often write of.  Enjoy!  (just click on the link for each)

On how the financial system works (late 2008)

On the EU debt crisis (mid 2010)

The Greek Economy (mid 2011)

On Sovereign Debt Crisis (mid 2011)

On Quantitative Easing (late 2011)

On Understanding the GFC (mid 2012)

On Cyprus Banking Crisis (mid 2013)

On the Australian Economy (late 2014)