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Posted | 10/10/2014 / Views | 2630
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Its Friday and a lot is happening so we are posting 2 must reads on the web for your weekend digestion and strongly suggest you listen to today’s Weekly Wrap as well given what has happened this past week in the global economy.  The first post is probably one of the more respected gold updates going around, John Hathaway’s Tocqueville Gold Strategy Investor letter.  Tocqueville largely address gold miner shares but it is the same driver for physical gold and silver owners and we just believe the latter removes all counterparty risk and remind people if you invest in mining shares you are investing in the management skills of that company so do your homework (a badly managed miner can still underperform when the metal rises).  Secondly, at a time when the gold/silver ratio is above 70 (!) we post a great summary of why silver is looking like such a great buy right now.  Last night’s big falls on Wall Street will no doubt be a precursor to what will happen in markets around the world today.  The Eurozone is a mess, as is Japan, the IMF again warns of a slowing global economy and bubble like sharemarkets (and property in Australia), the higher USD is hurting the US’s already weak recovery and the Fed is again emphasising zero interest rates are here for much longer (inflating the bubble), wars rage around the world, ebola keeps threatening to spread, and the Chinese cannily keep voraciously buying up gold whilst prices are low and sentiment at rock bottom.  Whilst some are still calling for gold to drop further the list of experts stating we just saw the bottom after the triple bottom this last week is most certainly growing.