G20 & High Security

Posted | 12/11/2014 / Views | 2780
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Just a reminder we are closed today and tomorrow given our proximity to the ‘action’ of G20 and city access.  Our webshop is open as usual though.

Speaking of high security… Today we launch our special pricing on the complete range of Ainslie Bullion Silver Stacker bars up to Xmas.  If you aren’t familiar with these bars, they are simply the ultimate in security and beauty.  Machined, not minted or cast, they include unparalleled security features this manufacturing technique affords as well as being individually numbered.  They are now priced barely over our standard cast bars as well and we’ve welcomed the big 100oz’er to the range (incl 10oz and 1kg).  Visit our information page on these bars and you can order directly on line right now.

Things are certainly hotting up with silver around the world with demand overtaking supply with the US Mint now famously sold out of silver Eagles until further notice after selling 3m coins in the first 3 days of November and a record October, the Royal Canadian Mint anecdotally witnessing similar demand pressures, and premiums (for the real thing, not paper contracts) are on the rise.