Email from an Informed and Valued Ainslie Bullion Client

Posted | 28/05/2012 / Views | 2914
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Well, it’s all there in the Jackass publications.

One has to marvel at the Elite's ability to knock down the price of bullion at this point in time with the imminent collapse of the global financial system just around the corner.  e.g. JPM admitting losing +$2 billion; I think we can safely double that figure, if not triple it.

It continues to amaze me that the general public still haven't cottoned on to what's happening and that the ONLY safe haven left is bullion.

There are about 60 employed by XXXXXXXX in XXXXXXX and apart from me there are only 2 others who have bought bullion.  Less than 1% of the general public know anything about bullion.  Most of the Greeks pulling their money out of the Greek banks will be putting their Euros in the safe haven of the US dollar!

I'm guessing your sales are currently way down, yet as we both know this is the best time to buy.  They'll all be rushing in to buy bullion when silver passes through $65 only to have it smashed back down to $40.  Shakespeare was right when he said "Life is a tale told by an idiot ..."

Hang in there Brian and Geoff.  We will have our day in the not too distant future and it will be fun.



Source : Email from an informed Ainslie Bullion client