Buy Low / Sell High + Weekend Read

Posted | 11/12/2015 / Views | 3307
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At a time when this market is testing non contrarians, the much respected David Morgan provides this timely reminder:

"At this moment in time, we are truly at a level that it is really only the ardent silver bulls and resource investors who truly understand where we are in the market. Not only are we skipping along the lows, perhaps we can go lower, but there is true value here – in all aspects – not only in the gold and silver but also in the natural resource sector as a whole with bargains all over the place.

"People understand nothing lasts forever. The bottom does not last forever. You want to buy low and sell high."

The people who make REAL money know to buy when the price is low which by definition is at a time of poor sentiment.  They apply simple logic and have a good filter for what’s real.

Speaking of simple logic THIS LINK takes you to a pretty comprehensive article reminding us of the reasons why owning gold and silver have never been more fundamentally apparent.  It’s longish and a good weekend read.