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Why Gold Rises with Tightening

Posted | 21-Jan-2022 / Views | 819
Few investors realise that central banks are nearly always too late to raise rates and tighten financial conditions. For that reason, gold has a history of rising on increased rates not the seemingly intuitive reverse of that. Yesterday we saw spectacular jobs figures for Australia which, when combined with high inflation, effectively force the... Read More...

Shares to Fall 30%, Gold & Silver Up - Brigden

Posted | 20-Jan-2022 / Views | 887
Equities markets have painted red all around the world these last couple of days and again it was the tech ‘growth’ shares that faired the worst.  The NASDAQ is now down more than 10% putting it into a technical correction for the first time since the COVID plunge in March 2020.  Growing fears around central banks removing... Read More...

Rick Rule - Institutional Buyers to Ignite Precious Metals Bull Market

Posted | 19-Jan-2022 / Views | 892
Speaking with Wall Street Silver earlier this week Rick Rule argued that it will take more than one year of 7% CPI expansion for main street to jump on the inflation fear train. The last forty years of declining real interest rates and highly accommodative monetary policy have meant that investors don’t fear inflation or the consequences ... Read More...

Fireworks On Horizon for Crypto Market

Posted | 18-Jan-2022 / Views | 915
The Bitcoin market returned to a more docile state following a fear-fuelled last week. Investors and traders appear to be digesting the macro possibilities within this new inflationary regime markets we have entered, alongside an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve. This change in tune has rattled the Bitcoin market in the short term and is at... Read More...

Gold Outlook 2022 pt2 – World Gold Council

Posted | 17-Jan-2022 / Views | 819
On Friday we brought you part 1 of the latest World Gold Council Gold Outlook 2022 report.  Today the second part talks to inflation, real interest rates, market volatility and gold drivers outside all of that.  Opinion is divided, but inflation may linger Many central banks initially played down inflation concerns, and while so... Read More...

Gold Outlook 2022 pt1 – World Gold Council

Posted | 14-Jan-2022 / Views | 1316
The World Gold Council have just released their Gold Outlook 2022 report.  It’s a relatively lengthy read so we are bringing it to you in 2 parts.  Today we look at the very topical impact of rising rates in the US.  We mentioned yesterday that the 3-4 rate hikes the Fed is now signalling has been so well signalled that the mar... Read More...

Savers Need to Get Paid

Posted | 13-Jan-2022 / Views | 936
US Treasuries and Government bonds the world over are offering nominal anemic yields that have investors looking further afield. 10-Year Bonds in Australia are returning 1.8%, approximately half of the 3.20% annualised inflation rate predicted by the RBA in 2022. With cash in the bank getting eaten away, the Big 4 banks offering 0.25 - 0.30% on... Read More...

The Peril of Passive ETF’s & Breadth

Posted | 12-Jan-2022 / Views | 919
There appears a large portion of economic forecasters predicting that 2022, whilst more volatile than normal, could see continued strong gains in US shares despite the still sky-high valuations.  Already this year we have seen some large losses on US shares and then a strong rally like last night.  Last night everything went up except... Read More...

A Critical Time for Crypto

Posted | 11-Jan-2022 / Views | 1037
With onchain indicators hitting significantly oversold conditions, Bitcoin futures markets see all-time-high leverage, with increased chances of volatility, and a short squeeze bias. Bitcoin holders were faced with six consecutive red daily candles this week as the broader market sell-off occurred following increased concerns of hawkish poli... Read More...

Gold’s Cup & Handle and $10,000 target

Posted | 10-Jan-2022 / Views | 1459
As alluded to in our annual wrap up last year, the technical cup and handle formation for gold is clear, with a number of prominent market commentators pointing to it.  Famed technical analyst Bob Loukas also talked to this formation in his 2 January update, first below showing the current setup for gold and then extrapolating what happ... Read More...

‘Must Read’ - Gold & The Changing World Order

Posted | 07-Jan-2022 / Views | 2805
A bit of a longer one today but it is a critical read if you want to understand the ‘big picture’.  This is the macro of macro… Back in 2020 we discussed Ray Dalio’s take on the rise and fall of empires and the long term debt cycles that go with that.  So as not to repeat too much today, they are both very muc... Read More...

India imports a record $55.7bn in gold in 2021

Posted | 06-Jan-2022 / Views | 841
More than doubling 2020’s haul, and breaking all time records, India imported US$55.7bn in gold in 2021. The total of 1,050 tonnes of gold contrasts with 430 tonnes in 2020. The statistic was leaked by a senior government official speaking to Reuters with anonymity. In contrast to most Western nations, Indians have precious metals ‘fron... Read More...

Onchain Shows ‘Damage Is Done’

Posted | 05-Jan-2022 / Views | 892
As 2021 wound down, so too did the activity in the Bitcoin market, with trading volumes softening, and prices trading more or less sideways. Price has continued to trade in the same range since late November, bouncing between a high of $51,654 US, and a low of $46,197 this week.  Across many on-chain metrics, there is a general lack of acti... Read More...

Silver Industrial Demand to Set New High in 2021

Posted | 04-Jan-2022 / Views | 966
Happy New Year to all our customers and regular readers of our daily news.  As we discussed last year, there appears to be wide consensus that 2022 promises to be a volatile ride in financial markets.  Who will be winners and losers may be one of timing of entry and exit points OR for those without such luck, BALANCE or diversification in... Read More...

2021 Year in Review & 2022 Looks Amazing!

Posted | 23-Dec-2021 / Views | 1777
Today is our last day for 2021, returning 4 January 2022.  As usual we look back at the calendar year performance of various assets.  Hardly a spoiler alert but 2021 was not one to remember for precious metals investors in terms of returns.  However this consolidation sets up an epic technical launch pad.  Let’s break it d... Read More...

Why 2022 Could Be An “economic inflection point”

Posted | 22-Dec-2021 / Views | 1686
Whilst there is growing consensus around strong inflation and the subsequent need for the Fed and other central banks to tighten monetary policy, respected analyst Raoul Pal has maintained his view throughout that the inflation will be somewhat transitory and a global slowdown is close. Before you read on, if you missed our article on the de... Read More...

Strong Hands Still Stacking BTC

Posted | 21-Dec-2021 / Views | 1473
Bitcoin endured a second consecutive week of price ranging, following the sharp drawdown in early December. After opening at $50,093 US, the price saw a high of $50,186 and a low of $45,671, a compressed range that spanned only $4,515, with BTC closing out the week down -6.1% presenting a great opportunity for investors to top up their crypto... Read More...

The Great Rotation Into Metals

Posted | 20-Dec-2021 / Views | 1443
We’ve mentioned the ‘perverse distortions’ currently fundamental to the current market set up.  Such distortions are seeing some financial assets and property at ridiculous highs and all on the back of record debt levels at near zero rates.  With interest rates looking set to rise amid said debt it is prudent to remi... Read More...

Liquid Gold Rationing and Supply Chain Disruption

Posted | 17-Dec-2021 / Views | 1895
A week out from Christmas festivities and a Friday to boot, let’s talk gold, liquid gold and a ‘rubber hits the road’ example of why yesterday’s move by the world’s biggest central bank to slow down inflation is too little too late. Lion and Carlton & United Breweries, two of the largest brewers in Australia, ha... Read More...

Fed Capitulates on Transitory Narrative

Posted | 16-Dec-2021 / Views | 1337
Last night saw the much anticipated US Fed meeting outcome after a lead up of ever present and expanding inflation.  Just yesterday we saw the highest EVER Producer Prices Index (PPI) print, measuring inflation at the factory door, of 9.6% for November.  Not only was that hotter than expected but another big jump from the 8.6% in October.... Read More...