100 years of the US Fed v 4 years of QE

Posted | 15/01/2014 / Views | 2304
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The end of last year saw the 100th anniversary of the US Federal Reserve’s formation.  What few know is that it started amidst a great deal of secrecy and largely by the larger banks wanting to instil control over the system.  Many would argue that looking after Wall Street is still their main objective with QE helping Wall Street whilst Main Street has gone backwards.  From its inception in 1913 to 2007 its balance sheet grew to $800 billion. QE has been printing just over $1 trillion per year, or putting it another way 100 years worth of money every year.  2 things – ask yourself how that cannot be inflationary?  AND.  The “taper lite” $10b/month reduction this month would still see $900b annualised printed.  So that is still about 100 years of money creation in 1 year.  More correctly, that is 100 years of currency creation, not money creation.  Gold and silver are money.  Try increasing mine production by that factor…