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Silver Production Under Pressure

Posted | 27-Apr-2017 / Views | 542
Whilst calls that 2015 saw ‘peak gold’ production seem to have support, the same can’t yet be said for silver. Silver has seen massive inputs from the new Tahoe Resources high grade Escobal mine which in 2014 and 2015 produced an incredible 20m oz of silver.  We then saw the ramp up of Fresnillo’s Saucito mine which, wh... Read More...

Surviving Digital Disruption

Posted | 26-Apr-2017 / Views | 705
When putting together your investment portfolio you are considering both current and future conditions.  The current part should be easy, that’s the “known knowns”, however predicting the future, the known and “unknown unknowns”, is nigh on impossible.  That’s why we never suggest going ‘all in&rs... Read More...

Hospital Pass

Posted | 24-Apr-2017 / Views | 965
Whilst a common phrase in rugby, it sums up nicely the habit of ‘smart money’ passing the financial ball to the hapless private investor before ‘that’ crashing tackle, with crash being the operative word in this financial metaphor. We’ve written previously of Bank of America Merrill Lynch reporting the trend of instit... Read More...

Is The US In Recession NOW?

Posted | 21-Apr-2017 / Views | 1104
Following on from yesterday’s article on the IMF’s Global Financial Stability report, today we discuss a key figure in that report putting the current cycle into context. What seems so apparent to us with so many of the charts we present to you is that the US, on a comparison with previous metrics, looks like it is in a recession now.&... Read More...

IMF Global Financial Stability Warning

Posted | 20-Apr-2017 / Views | 1014
The IMF have just released their latest Global Financial Stability Report and it yet again screams warnings of the implications of all the additional debt accumulated since the GFC. The main message of the report is that as interest rates inevitably rise the servicing cost of all that debt could bring the whole system down.  Before we get int... Read More...

“Value Is What You Get”

Posted | 19-Apr-2017 / Views | 745
There are many ways to assess the value of a company that you buy shares in.  The table below is courtesy of Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) and it details no less than 20 different measures of value of the S&P500 against historical averages They highlight 15 metrics as being above the historical average and 3 of the 5 which are no... Read More...

Make America “Broke” Again

Posted | 18-Apr-2017 / Views | 1041
So Trump was going to cut spending and make it all “great again”… Just a couple of months into his presidency and the March monthly budget statement saw a record amount of outlays, some $393 billion in one month.  Now that wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if all that “greatness” saw incomes outstripping t... Read More...

“Dangerously Dumb” – Deloitte Warns

Posted | 13-Apr-2017 / Views | 1539
Last night saw gold and silver surge yet again and shares continue to fall. But of particular note for Australia is the precipitous drop of iron ore, down 8.5% last night, extending the 28% drop since it peaked on 21 Feb and ahead of predictions of another 20% drop to come.  Why?  More concern about China’s growth. In one of the ... Read More...

The Last 2 Times This Happened – GFC &

Posted | 12-Apr-2017 / Views | 1246
Whilst Monday we reported the massive surge in debt over the last decade (and more) today we look at the potentially more concerning sudden reduction of Commercial & Industrial debt.  What? How can reducing debt be bad?….  We touched on this last week (here) where Morgan Stanley and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard warned of the current... Read More...

John Clarke on Finance

Posted | 11-Apr-2017 / Views | 1502
Yesterday we lost a satiric genius in John Clarke.  We write of very serious topics every day and unfortunately not often very ‘cheery’… John had a way of cutting to the core of an issue but with an unrivalled humour.  Here are some of his best takes on the economic issues we often write of.  Enjoy!  (just cli... Read More...
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