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Liquidity “Danger Zone” v Gold

Posted | 23-Feb-2017 / Views | 310
A clear indication of an overbought market is low liquidity levels in hedge funds.  i.e. they are ‘all in’ with little cash in reserve to buy.  The danger is simple.  If there is a sharp market move to the downside (which is brought on by broad based selling) there is no one on the buy side because there is no liquidity t... Read More...

“Real Assets” Never Been This Cheap

Posted | 22-Feb-2017 / Views | 821
Our article yesterday outlined a world of financial assets inflated by years of unprecedented monetary stimulus that the author believes cannot survive without more stimulus.  Gold and silver, on the other hand, are ‘real’ or ‘hard’ assets, not financial assets.  The chart below maps nearly 100 years of the ratio b... Read More...

“The Coming Bear Market”

Posted | 21-Feb-2017 / Views | 931
Sven Henrich (aka Northman Trader) penned an excellent account of the current market last week titled “The Coming Bear Market”.  It’s not short (and keeping our articles short & sharp our commitment to you) so below is a summary of key points but we recommend you take the time to read the full article by clicking here. T... Read More...

Buffett’s “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Posted | 20-Feb-2017 / Views | 1286
Today’s article is a little different as we invite you to walk through ‘all the world’s money’ as depicted by The Money Project.  Start from the top and you will likely need to zoom in to read the explanations down the right hand side.  Once finished, for true context, zoom back out to see the whole graphic on your... Read More...

Hi ho Silver!

Posted | 17-Feb-2017 / Views | 1494
Silver is again outperforming gold this year being up 13% already compared to gold up 8%, and seeing the gold silver ratio dropping from early 70’s to 68.4 today.  That of course is still well above the last low of 30 in 2011 and the 100 year average of around 45.  As you can see in the chart below silver has broken through a critic... Read More...

Ainslie Radio Weekly Wrap - Ainslie Podcast 17th Feb

Posted | 17-Feb-2017 / Views | 322
Welcome to the Ainslie Podcast - the quick audio snippet discussing all things bullion from the week gone. Discover current prices, news and economic positions from around the world. ... Read More...

3 Big Warning Signs of a Crash

Posted | 16-Feb-2017 / Views | 2006
Fund trader Jeff Clark has a simple 3-pronged warning system to predict market crashes ahead of the ‘pack’.  This system saw him predict both the 2001 and 2008 crashes.  Casey Research have recently passed on this system and the warning that this May should see the 3rd and final signal turn red, after the first 2 have already ... Read More...

Fund Managers’ Biggest Risks and Gold Bet

Posted | 15-Feb-2017 / Views | 792
Last night at her semi annual monetary policy testimony before Congress, US Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said “Considerable uncertainty attends the economic outlook,” referencing.. “possible changes in US fiscal and other policies”.  Those ‘other policies’ are likely a direct reference to Trumps trade ... Read More...

Top Political Uncertainties of 2017

Posted | 14-Feb-2017 / Views | 822
It’s no secret we think 2017 will be a volatile year in global politics, particularly on the continent. It’s rare to see a concise account of these and for that reason we are reproducing a piece by Greg King of REXshares titled “The Top 5 Political Uncertainties In 2017” below.  Whilst it is a balanced account we think ... Read More...

Long Term Golden Cross Just Happened

Posted | 13-Feb-2017 / Views | 1357
On Friday we showed you a chart comparing previous bull market runs in gold and, if indeed we are in the early stages of a bull run that started in December 2015, where we sit now.  The question for some, given the scale of the correction late last year, is ‘are we still in a bull market?’. To help you decide, it may be instructiv... Read More...
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