Storage at Reserve Vault & The Melbourne Vault

Ainslie Bullion recommends Reserve Vault in Brisbane or The Melbourne Vault in Melbourne for the ultimate in secure storage of your bullion. 

Why Reserve Vault or The Melbourne Vault?
  1. International standard high security facility
  2. Diverse range of storage options from extra small to extra large safe deposit boxes (2 – 22kg) to purpose built Small to Large Bullion Locker Safes (100 - 500kg) to Chubb High Security Safes (2t)….All within a vault.
  3. Insurance underwritten by the world's leading insurer.
  4. An independent, non-bank, non-Government facility
  5. Custodial storage available – all of the above but managed by the vault for remote customers
  6. Free delivery of purchased goods to the vault by Ainslie Bullion
  7. Meets SMSF regulations for collectibles in your fund (if you have coins for instance)
  8. Very competitive pricing

We find a number of customers like the dual benefit too of having an offsite, secure, fire resistant environment to co-store their precious records, documents, collectibles and data in their safe as well.

Reserve Vault and The Melbourne Vault also offer a Custodial service that sees them manage your storage, provide full insurance, and regular inventory reports for SMSF audits etc.

Reserve Vault has been under new ownership and management since August 2012 and Ainslie Bullion has the majority shareholding in the company bringing with it our 40+ years’ experience in precious metals and customer focus. The Melbourne Vault is Ainslie's newest secure storage facility in Melbourne providing the same experience and security our customers expect.

For more information please call Reserve Vault on 07 3221 6128 or visit or for Melbourne enquires we offer The Melbourne Vault Phone 1800 682 858 or visit


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