Introducing Scottsdale Mint Gold with Certi-Lock®

These .9999 fine gold bars are beautiful, sleek, and incorporate a clean design.  The obverse of each bar features the iconic Scottsdale Mint Lion.  The reverse features the crossed flags of the USA and Switzerland, signifying the power and partnership of this line of gold products between the American precious metals company Scottsdale Mint and the Swiss-based precious metals company and LBMA member, Argor-Heraeus. 

Available in four sizes, 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, and 1 oz, each bar comes in the Scottsdale exclusive high-end Certi-Lock® packaging.  

What is Certi-Lock®?

Certi-Lock® is a comprehensive, interactive precious metals verification system designed to give consumers confidence in the authenticity of their gold and silver products.

  1. Tamper Evident - Sealed from the factory with a special frangible material that visually changes appearance when tampered with
  2. Encrypted Barcode - Hidden layers of data are stored in the encrypted barcode that can only be read by our phone app
  3. Holographic Material - The card is made with a high-end custom holographic foil
  4. Smartphone App - Download the FREE smartphone app to scan and access 2 levels of verification of your precious metal.
  5. Product Photographs - Consumers have secured access to pictures of their product taken at the time it was sealed through the free Certi-Lock® app, allowing for a visual match of the actual product in their hands.
  6. Synthetic DNA - Embedded in each Certi-Lock® card is a synthetic DNA that can be verified by an authorized dealer with a special on-site electronic device. Not a surface scan and picture match like other products, Cert-Lock® has actual DNA material that can be detected by our scanner.


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