Gold - Fundamental Shift in the Making

Posted | 10/10/2013 / Views | 2684
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August Gold import figures for China through Hong Kong were 110t taking the YTD to 723t and dispelling any predictions of a slow down.  Indeed on trend they may hit 1200t for the year.  WGC are predicting a 15% rebound of gold to India in Q4 2013 to 300t and expecting a yearly total of 900-1000t.  So China and India alone will account for about 90% of global production!!  This highlights the situation where these strong, long term holders of gold, aggressively buying up at these low prices could soon be calling the shots on pricing rather than the high frequency trading bullion banks and ETF’s that may no longer have a sufficient source of real or leased gold to play the market with.  Successful investors often say you make your money in the buying not the selling…