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From QE to QT – The US Fed’s next big move

Posted | 26-Jun-2017 / Views | 514
Our views on the world’s central banks looking to tighten into such a weak economy are well known.  Last week James Rickards (via The Daily Reckoning) warned for us to get ready for QT1 – Quantitative Tightening as opposed to QE – Quantitative Easing.  This is the process we discussed last week of reducing the $4.5 trill... Read More...

Gold, Silver, World Shares since 2000

Posted | 23-Jun-2017 / Views | 893
On Tuesday we shared a fascinating ‘quilt work’ of returns of a host of financial assets since 2000.  A few people have asked where Aussie shares and silver fit in that mix, so let’s break it down a little. First let’s look at a range of global indices over this period:   The standout is India’s BSE Senex ... Read More...

The Madness of Modern ‘Money’

Posted | 22-Jun-2017 / Views | 854
You may have seen in the news yesterday that Argentina has issued a 100 year bond… and people bought them all!  Seriously!  Why our surprise? Let’s first get back to basics. When a government needs more money than it gets from income like tax receipts etc, it sells bonds (debt) to raise more cash.  If you are not too yo... Read More...

Macquarie Calls Gold Up & AUD Headwinds

Posted | 21-Jun-2017 / Views | 1004
Macquarie Bank’s latest Global Macro Outlook warns that the global economy’s growth has peaked and combined with China’s tightening bias ‘propagating a destock cycle through the manufacturing chain’, they are particularly concerned about commodities: "hopes for accelerating global growth and accompanying healthy refla... Read More...

It IS Different This Time…

Posted | 20-Jun-2017 / Views | 840
The following graphic is a fascinating insight into the relative performance of financial assets around the world since the turn of the century. We harp on about gold being historically un-correlated to financial markets.  You can see that playing out in the above chart.  As a reminder the graph below illustrates that lack (negative) c... Read More...

When Central Banks Turn Off the Tap

Posted | 19-Jun-2017 / Views | 917
It is widely acknowledged that today’s “everything bubble” is largely courtesy of the unprecedented amount of central bank stimulus deployed since the GFC.  We are just 2 months away from the 10 year anniversary of the onset of the GFC.  10 years of printed money buying up financial assets around the world and near (or b... Read More...

The Student Loan Timebomb

Posted | 16-Jun-2017 / Views | 1179
An often counterintuitive notion in accounting for newcomers is that debt issued is counted as an ‘asset’ on your balance sheet, your total net wealth.  I lend Jack $100 and put that $100 as an asset on my balance sheet on the assumption Jack will pay me back.  In most cases of course that is correct.  But what if Jack is... Read More...

Fed Hikes as Yield Spreads Plummet

Posted | 15-Jun-2017 / Views | 1010
You may have woken this morning, checked the gold and silver price after last night’s Fed meeting and thought not much happened.  A look at the graph over the last 12 hours shows something very different. Before the Fed meeting the market learned of US retail sales plummeting in May (biggest drop since January 2016) and Core CPI continu... Read More...

Gold & Silver Holdings Grow with Valuations

Posted | 14-Jun-2017 / Views | 839
On Friday the World Gold Council published their June update of ETF holdings of gold.  Yet again it showed an increase, this time up 10.5 tonne from April to a total of 2,292 tonne (73.7m oz) with a value of $93b.  The big growth was in Europe with inflows (20.8t) over double the outflows from the US (-7.2t).  The charts below provi... Read More...

Buying the Dip v Free Cash

Posted | 13-Jun-2017 / Views | 819
Markets continued their wobbles last night with the NASDAQ taking another hit, falling another 1.4% before some buying of the dip saw it claw back to being down 0.5%, but down a chunky 2.3% for the last 2 days of trade.  Today’s headlines of “Tech Wreck” seem a little premature but a telling shake up nonetheless. The dip buy... Read More...
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