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US Debt Ceiling or Debt Target?

Posted | 24-Mar-2017 / Views | 925
With very little press or fanfare, on Wednesday, the temporary suspension of the debt ceiling negotiated by Obama just 16 months ago ended.  No one probably thought it possible they could add $1.4 trillion in just that time but they did and now the US government is unable to go into any more debt until the debt ceiling is raised.  Th... Read More...

Weekly Wrap - Ainslie Podcast 24th Mar

Posted | 24-Mar-2017 / Views | 132
Ainslie's weekly podcast, covering all things gold, silver and finance from around the world. ... Read More...

Bullion Demand Falls – or Did It?

Posted | 23-Mar-2017 / Views | 797
There has been a little alternative press lately about the drop in physical demand for gold and silver.  That seems a bit at odds with the price movement but it is missing 2 essential factors.  One, it ignores Chinese demand, and secondly it ignores gold bought to back the ‘paper’ gold ETF trades.   But it does appear to... Read More...

Gold Surges, Shares Fall – Déjà Vu?

Posted | 22-Mar-2017 / Views | 1036
Last night we saw a couple of recent records broken.  US shares fell more than 1% in a session for the first time in 110 days, ending its ‘bullet-proof’ run, one of the longest in decades.  Whilst most headlines are blaming the standoff in the GOP house on the health care bill flagging future problems ahead for Trump getting h... Read More...

Debt… No New Way to Go Broke

Posted | 21-Mar-2017 / Views | 985
We often say there is no new way to go broke.. it is ALWAYS too much debt.  Debt has been by far and away the biggest facilitator of our economic growth since the GFC (and ironically up to and ultimately causing the GFC).  We say ‘ironically’ because we are doing the same thing but on a bigger scale now.  Vern Gowdie of T... Read More...

What Happens After the Fed Rate Rise?

Posted | 20-Mar-2017 / Views | 974
So the Fed raises rates last week and gold surges… what gives?  History is what. Any reader, or in particular listener to the Weekly Wrap, will know the US economy is hardly on an economic tear, it’s mild at best (the Atlanta Fed just revised down Q1 GDP estimate to just 0.9%...).  The problem is that history shows that afte... Read More...

13 Stunning Visualizations of Silver Put Global Debt Into Perspective

Posted | 18-Mar-2017 / Views | 1064
Although gold has a bigger reputation today as a monetary metal, it was often deemed too valuable for everyday transactions throughout history. For the most part, common people in places like Ancient Rome used silver to buy daily staples like grain or wine. As a result, silver has a strong reputation through monetary history as the &ldqu... Read More...

What Happens When the Rug’s Pulled?

Posted | 17-Mar-2017 / Views | 1227
As we discussed in today’s Weekly Wrap the Fed was a little elusive this week about when they might look to reduce the $4.5 trillion of US Treasuries they bought to print all that money from 2009.  Whilst the US Fed stopped it’s QE program at the end of 2014, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and European Central Bank (ECB) have gone hard si... Read More...

Weekly Wrap - Ainslie Podcast 17th Mar

Posted | 17-Mar-2017 / Views | 418
Ainslie's weekly podcast, covering all things gold, silver and finance from around the world. ... Read More...

Gold Surges But AUD Spoils the Party… For Now

Posted | 16-Mar-2017 / Views | 1173
As widely expected the US Fed raised rates last night.  In a combination of the classic ‘buy the rumour sell the fact’ and what was perceived to be a slightly more hawkish stance going forward gold (up $25), silver (up 55c), bonds and shares all surged on the news.  The only loser of the night was the USD, and in a big way whi... Read More...
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