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How Inflating Away Debt Works

Posted | 20-Jan-2017 / Views | 390
There’s an old business adage “There is no new way to go broke, it is always too much debt”.  As applicable to governments as it is to businesses and individuals, that is the challenge before the world today.   Debt can either be repaid through surplus earnings, defaulted on or effectively eroded through inflation. ... Read More...

20th of January, Ainslie Radio Podcast

Posted | 20-Jan-2017 / Views | 79
Welcome to the Ainslie Podcast - the quick audio snippet discussing all things bullion from the week gone. Discover current prices, news and economic positions from around the world. ... Read More...

Profiting From Share Overvaluations

Posted | 19-Jan-2017 / Views | 524
Today we look at sharemarket valuations as predictors of future earnings courtesy of an article by The Daily Reckoning’s Vern Gowdie.  Late last year we presented a number of different measures of how overvalued the US sharemarket appears to be at the moment.  In an article yesterday Gowdie presented the following graph which shows ... Read More...

Stagflation Hitting The UK

Posted | 18-Jan-2017 / Views | 796
Last night the British PM outlined her ‘hard Brexit’ plan which saw the FTSE drop nearly 1.5% or 107 points and the GBP surge, adding to the USD’s woes.  Gold of course rose, now its 7th consecutive day of rises, the longest streak since last November. The Guardian ran an article highlighting the UK’s challenges ahead ... Read More...

6 Important Trends for Gold in 2017

Posted | 17-Jan-2017 / Views | 936
To continue our look at the year ahead from yesterday, we today summarise the World Gold Council’s 2017 forecast taking inputs from 3 more esteemed analysts, namely Jim O’Sullivan (Chief US Economist at High Frequency Economics, dubbed ‘most accurate forecaster in America over the past 10 years’ by MarketWatch), John Nug&eac... Read More...

3 More Wise Men

Posted | 16-Jan-2017 / Views | 1057
Good morning and a happy new year to our readers. As our last news article of 2016 focused on the year that was, today we look ahead at the year that will be. To do this, we follow our 3 Wise Men theme from November’s Future Proof Portfolio seminar and provide some insight from another 3 wise men delivered over the break.  The first is ... Read More...

News Resumes January 16th, 2017

Posted | 22-Dec-2016 / Views | 523
Thanks to all our loyal readers for following Ainslie News throughout 2016. We will be back with more breaking news in the new year, on January 16th, 2017. The Ainslie Bullion family wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.... Read More...

2016 Year in Review

Posted | 22-Dec-2016 / Views | 935
On this our last day of trade for 2016 we look at the year that was… As we reported yesterday it was a year that was set up through the US Fed hiking rates for the first time in 9 years and confident of more to come in 2016… Whilst that happened in December 2015 it set the stage for the biggest financial markets fall in a new year in... Read More...

5 ‘Must See’ Charts

Posted | 21-Dec-2016 / Views | 1309
History doesn’t always repeat, but it often rhymes…  So let’s look at 5 charts comparing now to the last time the US Fed raised rates, this time last year (courtesy of Kevin Muir)… Last year is in white, this year in blue… First the biggest share index in the world, the S&P500 which managed to stay strong ... Read More...

Is the Silver Market Cornered?

Posted | 20-Dec-2016 / Views | 1676
There is a bit of speculation going about that the silver market has effectively been cornered.  You may recall the famous Hunt Brothers’ move on silver where they and some business partners effectively cornered the silver market by buying up around 130m oz from 1973 to 1980.  That holding accounted for over 40% of the (then) global... Read More...
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